How to Create a Smart Bathroom

How to create a smart bathroom

We live in a world engulfed in smart technology. From mobile phones to cars to watches, smart technology just makes life easier. So why should your house be any different?

Smart bathrooms have become incredibly popular in today's housing and decor trends, and they're making appearances in more and more modern homes. Make your bathroom fancier and more practical with smart technology and DIY plumbing.

Smart Showers

Digital showers come with a variety of control options that can make your showering experience even more luxurious. For instance, they can automatically calibrate your water temperature to prevent it from getting too hot or too cold. They also come with LED lighting, so users can personalize their shower experience with an exciting array of multicolor lights rather than plain overhead fluorescents.

If you really want to take your digital shower up a notch, you can purchase a Bluetooth showerhead or a waterproof speaker to bring your music into the shower with you.

Digitally Controlled Faucets

If you've ever been in a restaurant, store, or other commercial establishment with digital faucets, you know just how sleek and convenient they can be. No-touch, motion-activated faucets are cleaner than traditional options because their hands-free design eliminates the need for touching sink handles.

These fixtures are great for conserving water and allow users to set their water temperature in advance. Digital faucets can even be programmed on a timer so that you know how long to brush your teeth or wash your hands. Hire a plumbing service to install this smart feature, or make it a DIY plumbing project of your own.

High-Tech Toilets

Your bathroom dreams can come true with your very own smart toilet. These high-tech fixtures are highly customizable with heated seats, LED lights, and Bluetooth technology, providing the ultimate luxury experience. Many smart toilets are hands and toilet paper-free thanks to special bidets and air dryers.

You can also look into purchasing a toilet with motion sensors that raise and lower the lid based on your proximity. Some smart toilets even come with self-cleaning settings. No more pesky bathroom hygiene problems!

Automatic Soap Dispensers

If you, your roommate, or one of your family members uses too much soap, invest in an automated soap dispenser. These no-touch automatic gadgets regulate how much soap you use when you wash your hands. You can even get automatic dispensers for hair products so that you apply just the right amount of shampoo and conditioner with every wash.

Smart Mirrors

Take control of your environment with smart mirrors. These digital mirrors offer demisting features so that you don't have to wipe them down by hand or wait for the fog to dissipate after a shower. Smart mirrors also have lighting control options like motion-activated lighting, which is great for applying cosmetics. You can even get a voice-control mirror to play music.

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