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5 Summer Plumbing Tips

With summer right around the corner and more people turning on the AC to escape the outside air, now is the perfect time to optimize your plumbing maintenance and repairs. While pipe issues can arise at any time, we often use more water and place a greater strain on our plumbing during the summer. These five summer plumbing tips can help you save money this summer — and prevent major setbacks later in the year!

Conserve Water

Summer is a time for hot weather, family cookouts and outdoor play. As a result, you could be drinking water, washing dishes and using the hose and sprinklers outside more often. Using too much water unnecessarily is a quick way to raise your water bill during the summer.

Keeping track of your water usage and remembering to turn it off at the appropriate times will help conserve water and keep your bills to a minimum. Having lower bills means you can save money for other expenses and summer activities.

Inspect Your Sprinkler System

Spring and summer are the times of the year when yard maintenance is most important. If you use sprinklers to water the grass and plants, this may be an excellent opportunity to inspect your sprinkler system.

Ensuring that your sprinkler system is working properly will help conserve water and protect the grass. You can easily replace the sprinkler heads if they start to leak or show signs of wear.

Inspect Your Washer

As the weather warms up, children are playing outside more often and people are sweating more during the day. The result is that homeowners are likely doing more laundry than they do during the winter. That’s why the spring or early summer could be the best time for you to do a washer inspection.

You can determine if any replacements or repairs are necessary by checking for cracks, leaks, bulges, mold and mildew in or around the washer. Limiting load sizes and replacing hoses every so often will help prevent greater risks and improve the machine's longevity.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters serve the crucial purpose of driving water away from your home. Without them, your house could be vulnerable to erosion, basement flooding and other expensive issues.

Clearing the gutters of any debris that might prevent the water from running off properly protects your home from rainwater during the summer. You might be surprised by all the leaves, dirt and tree branches that can block your gutter flow.

Monitor What Goes Into the Disposal

A major summer plumbing tip to keep in mind is that it's important to go easy on your garbage disposal. As you enjoy campfires and barbeques with your close family, there are a few types of items and foods that you'll definitely want to keep out of the disposal.

Grease, stringy celery, fruits, corn and fatty foods can all clog up your garbage disposal and leave it unusable. Watching what you put in it can prevent last-minute plumber house calls and help you enjoy hassle-free cookouts.

Request a Job Estimate

Following these plumbing maintenance tips will give you more freedom to enjoy the warm months and the rest of your year. Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Oneida at 315-363-1565 or request a job estimate to find out how we can help with your plumbing needs this summer.