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high water pressure

High Water Pressure

High water pressure feels great when you are taking a shower — but not so much when you receive your utility bill. High water pressure typically means that too much water is flowing through your pipes too quickly, which shows that you're using higher than normal volumes of water regularly without necessarily knowing it. This can sometimes damage the insides of your pipes, leading to potentially costly repairs.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Oneida, we specialize in helping customers reduce their water bills by taking practical steps to decrease water pressure when it becomes a problem. We are dedicated to serving residential and commercial customers in the Oneida area with second to none technical expertise and customer service. Mr. Rooter Plumbing will take care of your needs, whether you have a clog in your sewer pipes or water pressure problems.

What Is High Water Pressure?

High water pressure refers to a condition where water is expulsed through pipes at a greater than normal speed, resulting in higher water usage and increased wear and tear on your pipe system. This increased flow of water causes a spike in utility bills, and can also wear down your pipes, damage your water heater and cause other structural damage.

Utility companies pumping water to certain regions at higher speeds than others typically causes high water pressure. If you live in a hilly or mountainous area, you may experience abnormal water pressure. High water pressure is usually out of residents' control.

How Can You Tell if Your Water Pressure Is Too High?

It is often difficult to pinpoint high water pressure, especially if you have gotten used to the same water pressure for a long time. There are a few common indicators of high water pressure in your home:

  • Leaking or noisy faucets and pipes: You likely have plumbing problems due to high water pressure if your pipes are making noises, your faucets are dripping or your toilets are constantly running.
  • Your appliances are malfunctioning: If you see your washing machine or dishwasher leaking or wearing out faster than they should, high water pressure is probably to blame.
  • There is excessive spraying when you turn on your faucets: An obvious sign of high water pressure is when your faucet sprays or spits when turned on, especially if it does so apart from the regular stream of water.

How You Can Reduce Your Water Pressure

You can reduce your home's water pressure manually a couple of ways. Try installing a pressure gauge on a faucet that is close to your water main to help diagnose water pressure problems as anything between 40-60 psi is normal. You can also buy a pressure reduction valve and place it on your water main to slow the speed of water entering your home.

We recommend that you consult a professional to discuss the best options for reducing water pressure and your utility bills.

If you are experiencing water pressure problems in the Oneida area, there is no better company to call than Mr. Rooter Plumbing at 315-363-1565. Request your free estimate today!