5 Surprising Items That Will Clog Your Bathroom Sink

5 Surprising Items That Will Clog Your Bathroom Sink
Homeowners use their bathroom sinks from sunrise to sunset. A sudden clog causes an inconvenience for your routine, so it is important to only run water down your installations. When the bathroom sink keeps clogging, take a look at the items you use near the drain to find out why.

The bathroom sink might be completely clogged due to the following cleaning products, household items, and skincare remedies.

1. Hair

Hair is a common culprit for bathroom sink clogs. Whether you use a blow dryer or brush near the sink, individual strands find their way down the drain. Hair acts as a web each time you turn on the faucet, catching toothpaste, dirt, and debris.

Cleaning out hair from the drain is necessary to prevent clumping. Try to avoid shaving, trimming, or styling your hair directly over the sink to avoid future clogs.

2. Soap Scum

Property owners often wonder why their sink is clogged when all they use is a bar of soap. Soap scum forms when cleaning chemicals react with calcium and magnesium in water. This thick substance coats the inside of plumbing connections and traps set below the drain.

Try to stop pieces of soap from falling into the drain. Turn to environmentally friendly pump soaps that limit the amount of suds you have with each hand wash.

3. Facial Masks

Facial masks clean and open up pores, but they are a nightmare for bathroom sinks. Anything that feels like clay or mud builds up inside the drain. This problem grows worse when the facial mask is designed to harden after application.

Do yourself a favor and line the bathroom sink with a cloth towel when using creams and rejuvenating masks. This cloth will catch any loose particles when you rinse your face.

4. Paper Towels

Many homeowners leave paper towels in the bathroom for guests. However, when you tear them into smaller sections, some particles may fall into the sink. Paper towels do not disintegrate like toilet paper when exposed to water. Using cloth hand towels is a much better option to reduce the chances of paper products clogging up your plumbing network.

5. Dental Floss

Dental floss sits near your faucet handles for convenience, but it is important to keep used strands out of the sink. Like hair, floss can catch debris that falls into the drain. A small piece of dental floss is enough to clog up the p-trap responsible for creating water suction before liquids drain to your residential sewage system.

Expect the bathroom sink to keep clogging if dental floss falls down the drain. A professional repair may be done in order to resolve the problem.

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