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5 Tips for Keeping Your Small Bathroom Organized

Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in the house. Between toiletries and cleaning supplies, there are many things that need to fit into these spaces, but most come with minimal storage.

If you are looking to organize a small bathroom, there are some things you can do to improve your space without paying the costs for a remodel. Here are a few bathroom organization DIY tips you can use to keep your small spaces in order.

Five Small Bathroom Organization Tips You Can Do in a Day

By following these tips, you can add more room using the space you already have.

1. Use the Walls

Bathroom walls offer multiple opportunities to make things feel tidier and add more storage. Think about installing:

  • Towel bars or hooks: Hanging your towels moves them out of the way. Consider the space above your toilet. It is one of the most underutilized spaces in most bathrooms.
  • Baskets: Wicker and wire baskets are attractive and easy to mount. They are perfect for storing loose items like grooming tools and beauty products.
  • Shelves: Putting shelves on the wall adds considerable space that you can use to store anything from decorations and bathroom essentials to spare towels.

2. Look Under the Sink

Another way to organize a small bathroom is to use the area you have under the sink. In most bathrooms, the space beneath the sink is open. You can make it feel more organized by getting small plastic bins and storage boxes. This is an ideal place to put anything you want to keep within reach, out of the way and hidden from sight.

3. Declutter the Cabinets

Bathrooms never seem to have enough cabinet space. To get more from yours, buy some clear acrylic trays to use as bathroom organizers. Depending on how many people share the bathroom, you can make separate trays for each person or sort things into groups like tissues, travel items, products for dental care and more. If you want a more rustic alternative, try swapping out trays for Mason jars.

4. Think Outside the Box

Small bathroom organization sometimes requires you to get creative. If you're looking for some extra room, try adding things like drawer and cabinet dividers into the mix. The inside of a cabinet door also makes a great place to mount a shelf or hanging basket for storing things like hairdryers and candles.

5. Label Everything

Once you put everything into containers, make sure you know where to find it by putting labels on your trays and bins where you can see them. Labels will also make it easier to know where to put things back, so you can stay organized in the long run.

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