5 Reasons You May Need Repiping for Your Home

5 Reasons You May Need Repiping for Your Home
Repiping your home is a significant undertaking, but this investment may prevent problems from happening down the line. By proactively replacing your piping system, you can avoid leaks and accidents that could cost thousands of dollars.

Is repiping covered by insurance? Usually not since it is a preventative measure to guard against future problems. But if you have sustained severe damages from a piping problem and decide to replace your pipes based on that, you may get a small reimbursement from your insurance company. In any case, the investment is worth it to have a safer home.

Should I Repipe My House?

If you are thinking about taking the leap, here are five reasons you should consider repiping your home:

  1. Your System Is Very Old

If your pipes are more than half a century old, it may be time to replace them. Galvanized steel pipes can corrode, which may lead to expensive leaks.

  1. You Have Lead Pipes

While lead is no longer used as a building material, it was common practice to employ it decades ago, and some communities still have lead pipe infrastructure. Replacing these pipes eliminates potentially harmful health effects of lead, such as increased blood pressure and reduced kidney function.

  1. Do you Have Yellow or Brown Water?

Water discoloration implies your pipes have rust or other sedimentary buildup you should address immediately. You cannot treat this issue with chemicals or a quick brush job, as it is a sign of pipe deterioration. The only way to solve the problem is with a complete replacement. The water may also taste or smell bad, which is another sign you should replace your system.

  1. You Get Lots of Leaks

Weakened pipes are a sign of long-term issues in your home. It may be cheaper in the short term to keep patching leaks as they occur, but dealing with many of them is a sign of a weakened system and indicates you need to take better steps to prevent them.

  1. You Have Low Water Pressure

Does the water in your shower seem "limp," like it is barely pushing through the showerhead? This issue is a sign of low water pressure, indicating the water has trouble moving through the system. Low water pressure may be a sign of buildup or corrosion, which you can eliminate by replacing the pipes.

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