4 Signs of Washing Machine Plumbing Issues

4 Signs of Washing Machine Plumbing Issues
You may have noticed some irregularities with your washing machine. But are these really signs of trouble, or are they just indicators of a cranky machine? Below, here are four signs that your washing machine may need professional attention:

1. The Machine Makes Loud Noises

Most washing machines make some noise, but you may have a problem if you notice loud shaking or vibrations during the spin cycle. This could signal a pump blockage, which is often caused when clothing blocks the pump because it's stuck in the drum. Other culprits may include loose change or keys left in pants. To prevent small pieces of clothing from getting stuck, wash them in a mesh washer bag.

2. The Washer Won't Fill Up

If your washer isn't filling fully before it begins cycling, you may have an inlet valve issue. The inlet valves control how much hot and cold water enters the washer, and when these valves collect mineral deposits, your water flow may slow way down. The signals generated by the machine to close or open water flow may also be interrupted. Water softeners can decrease the likelihood of mineral deposits developing.

3. Your Clothes Stay Soaked After the Spin Cycle

The spin cycle should wring out much of the water from your clothing. If you open the washer to find your clothes still saturated with water, you may have drain hose issues. The waste stack that drains the water from the washer may instead be facilitating standing water, which will impede the flow of water out of the washer. A plumber can adjust the height of the waste stack to prevent this problem.

4. Your Other Plumbing Experiences Problems After You Use the Washer

If you have a clog in the washing machine drain, it could impact the plumbing in the rest of your home. When your washing machine doesn't drain, check if the other drains in your home also have clogs. If so, you may have an issue with all your plumbing. A washer uses a lot of water, meaning it can tip your plumber off to bigger problems when it won't drain.

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