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Many sports fans will agree — the best offense is a strong defense. The same adage is relevant if your home or business has a septic system. By proactively seeking out septic tank repair services in Utica, NY or nearby areas, you can protect your septic tank, lines and drain field and move forward knowing your sewage system is in sound condition.

Signs You Need Emergency Septic Repair in Utica, NY or a Nearby Area

Mr. Rooter of Greater Syracuse offers septic repair services in Utica, NY and the surrounding communities on both scheduled and emergency bases. We do not charge more when a homeowner or business owner needs septic system repairs during off-hours because we do not believe people should have to pay more just because they experienced a problem when they would rather be sleeping.

Whether you notice them at 3 a.m. or 3 p.m., the signs that indicate you need a septic repair in Utica, NY or a nearby community are hard to miss. Here are some of the indicators that your sewage system needs the attention of a professional:

  • Powerful smells coming from your toilets
  • Strong foul odors close to your septic tank
  • Wet soil surrounding your tank that never really dries out
  • Standing waste located near your septic tank
  • Toilets that flush slowly or sound like they are burbling or lightly squealing when used
  • A basement drain that is slow to clear
  • Toilets that are backed up

Reasons You May Need Emergency or Scheduled Septic Repairs

A poorly designed sewage system is sometimes to blame for system problems. Even the best well-designed septic systems can still experience issues if they are not maintained responsibly. Septic systems may exhibit any or all of the following problems when they are ignored or neglected:

  • Overflow
  • Worn or missing baffles on the tank
  • Rusted or cracked tanks
  • Broken lines
  • Clogs
  • Chemical damage

A compromised septic system can cause damage to your property, home or other plumbing components. Sewage systems that are not functioning at an optimal level can contaminate the ground and cause people or animals to get sick. They can also cause homeowners or business owners to violate the prevailing codes, which can lead to costly fines.

We Have the Tools and Experience to Get the Job Done Right

Our licensed plumbers are certified by Onondaga County for any plumbing related project, including plumbing leak detection — which makes us the ideal choice for septic repairs in Utica, NY and surrounding areas. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and fix septic system problems.

Our inspection cameras allow us to examine every part of your sewage system to ensure all components are working properly, and your system does not have any leaks. We also have trenchless repair methods that often enable us to make repairs without having to dig.

Schedule a Septic Repair for Your Utica, NY-Area Home or Business Today

Whenever you need a septic repair or you want to have your sewage system inspected by knowledgeable professionals, Mr. Rooter Plumbing is standing by to be of service around-the-clock. Contact us nowto schedule an appointment for a septic system repair or inspection.

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