We Repair Sewer System Backups in Port St Lucie, FL

Our Trenchless Repairs of Sewer System Backups

Don't ignore a sewer system backup or try to repair it yourself. If you see warning signs of a sewer system backup, call a professional right away to reduce your risk of expensive, time-consuming repairs. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Treasure Coast, we provide fast, trenchless repairs of sewer system backups in Port St Lucie, FL. We value our customers' time and money, so we use a quick plumbing video camera inspection to determine the location and cause of your sewer line problem. We will then walk you through all your options to repair a residential sewer system backup so you know what to expect. If you suspect you have a sewer system backup, call our 24/7 answering service to make an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment through our website or request an estimate to repair sewer system backups.

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Signs of a Sewer System Backup

When you notice early warning signs of a residential sewer system backup, you can schedule repairs before the problem gets bigger. When caught early enough, we can often repair a sewer system backup in a day or less using our trenchless sewer line repair methods. Call us today if you have any of these sewer line issues:

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  • Dirty, smelly water or raw sewage is backing up into your toilet, sink, shower, or tub.
  • Your drains are running slowly, you have multiple clogged drains, or you keep finding pools of standing water around your drains.
  • You have a clogged toilet and at least one other clogged drain at the same time.
  • Your toilet keeps overflowing or clogging and nothing you do will fix it.
  • Your drains are making a strange noise, especially when using two plumbing fixtures simultaneously.
  • Using one plumbing fixture makes another act strangely.
  • Your drains or pipes smell like sewage, mold, rotten food, or another foul odor.
  • There are pools of standing water in your yard, your yard keeps flooding, or green grass is suddenly growing near your sewer line.
  • There are marshy patches of water in your yard with algae growing in them.
  • Pests or rodents are attracted to your yard or plumbing.

Can You Have a Sewer System Backup From Rain?

Many customers ask us if you can have a sewer system backup from rain. The answer is yes! If your region has had one or more heavy storms, consistent heavy rainfall, flooding, heavy snow, or even sinkholes or earthquakes, you are at risk of a sewer system backup. The city's sewer line sometimes can't handle heavy water flow after storms, which may cause a municipal sewer system backup that affects your sewer line. Installing a sump pump, basement or garage floor drain, exterior cleanout, or elevating your house drain can reduce your risk of flooding and sewer system backups from rain.

Other Common Reasons for Sewer System Backups

In addition to heavy storms and rain, other factors can cause or contribute to a sewer system backup. One of the most common causes we see is tree root intrusions. If you plant trees, shrubs, or bushes too close to your sewer line, the roots can infiltrate the sewer pipes. As the roots grow, they break through the pipes, causing clogged sewer lines, cracks, leaks, and burst pipes. Other common reasons for sewer system backups are:

  • Clogged or broken pipes due to grease, hair, dirt, rocks, organic matter, soap, or other debris.
  • Overflowing sump pumps or basement flooding.
  • A backup from the city&rsquo s sewer system.
  • Flushing products down the toilet that aren&rsquo t safe, like wipes, paper towels, facial tissue, or other trash.
  • Rinsing things down the drain that don&rsquo t dissolve in water, like oil, fats, grease, paint, and pieces of food.
  • Age-related issues with sewer pipes.
  • Poorly designed or installed sewer lines.
  • Lack of maintenance or sewer line repairs.

How We Repair Sewer System Backups

When you call us to repair a sewer system backup, we'll do a plumbing video camera inspection. This allows us to find the location and cause of the sewer line problem, so we know how to fix it. We won't need to use invasive, destructive methods to inspect your sewer line. Instead, we thread a small camera through the pipes. We will go over your options for sewer line repair in detail, so you can make an informed decision. We use trenchless methods to repair sewer system backups, so we won&rsquo t need to dig up your yard or landscaping. We can use one of these fast, dependable methods:

  • Hydro Jetting Services &amp Drain Rooter Services - If you have a clogged sewer line, our hydro jetting services can clean out decades of built-up grease, sludge, and debris. Using pressurized streams of water, we break apart stubborn clogs deep in your sewer pipes and flush them into the city's sewer line. We can also use drain rooter services to break apart clogs from tree roots, organic matter, dirt, rocks, and more.
  • Pipe Relining Method - Once clogs are destroyed, we can repair cracks and leaks in your sewer line. Our pipe relining method uses a sleeve inserted into the pipe. As the sleeve hardens and expands, it forms a seal that repairs cracks, breaks, and leaks. It can even prevent future leaks.
  • Pipe Replacement Method - We offer pipe replacement for sections of pipe that are too damaged for pipe relining. We use hydraulics to break apart old, damaged pipes and replace them with new sewer pipes.

After repairing a sewer system backup, we tell our customers about our Advantage Plan. Our Advantage Plan makes it easier for customers to keep up with routine plumbing maintenance. You can reduce your risk of another sewer system backup by scheduling regular preventive plumbing services like sewer line inspections, drain cleaning, and plumbing repairs.

Using a Sewer Backup Prevention System

Another way to prevent a sewer system backup is to invest in a sewer backup prevention system. You can also take these steps to reduce your risk of a sewer line break, leak, burst pipe, or sewer system backup:

  • Only flush toilet paper down the toilet. Don&rsquo t flush wipes, facial tissue, or other trash.
  • Keep kids and pets away from the toilet so they won&rsquo t knock things into the drain.
  • Don&rsquo t rinse grease, fat, oil, paint, chemicals, or pieces of food down your drains.
  • Keep up with sewer line maintenance and plumbing maintenance, like drain cleaning, inspections, and plumbing repairs.
  • Don&rsquo t plant trees, bushes, or shrubs near your sewer line.
  • Repair damaged pipes right away.
  • Use your garbage disposal correctly.
  • During heavy storms, disconnect downspouts, foundation drains, and weeping tiles from the city&rsquo s drain.
  • Use extensions on your downspouts to direct rain away from your home.
  • Install a backwater valve.
  • Routinely check sewer drains, basement drains, and garage floor drains.

Repairs of Residential Sewer System Backups in Port St Lucie, FL

If you need to schedule a repair of a sewer system backup in Port St Lucie, FL, call us today at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Treasure Coast. We will arrive as quickly as possible to do a sewer line inspection and walk you through your options for sewer system backup repair. We strive to be upfront and transparent with our pricing, so we can also offer an estimate for the cost of sewer system backup repairs. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call our 24/7 live answering service or request a job estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewage Backups

A sewage backup can be incredibly frustrating. When sewage begins to flow up through your drains and into sinks, toilets, or bathtubs, it can cause a major disruption to your daily life. On top of that, it can be an incredibly confusing problem if you’ve never dealt with it before. You will probably have a lot of questions. What happened? Could I have prevented this? How do I fix it? Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Treasure Coast is here to answer your questions about residential sewer system backups in Port St. Lucie, FL, and the surrounding areas. Learn more about residential sewer system backups.

What Is a Sewer System Backup?

When your sewage system begins to back up, wastewater will come up through one or more drains in your home. In some cases, a backup might be minor, but when a backup is severe, it can cause serious property damage when a bathroom, basement, or kitchen is flooded with waste. Most backups are caused by clogs. When a clog deep within your plumbing system prevents wastewater from exiting your system, the only place for it to flow is up through the drains. In some cases, a sewage backup can be caused by overflowing in the city’s main sewer line too.

How Do Drains and Sewer Lines Become Clogged?

Many things can lead to a clogged drain or sewer line. In most cases, these clogs occur because something harmful was flushed down a drain. Soap, hair, dirt, toothpaste, grease, and other debris will clump together and turn into hardened clogs inside your sewer line. In other cases, tree roots may grow into a pipe, creating a complete blockage. Whatever type of clog you have, you will need sewer and drain repair services from the pros at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Treasure Coast.

How Can I Tell When a Sewage Backup Is Developing?

It’s crucial to catch sewage backups as early as possible. When a backup gets out of hand, it can be disastrous. Most homeowners don’t have the advanced training, techniques, or equipment to fully inspect their sewage system with things like sewer line camera inspections. So, you should constantly be on the lookout for the visible warning signs of a backup, including:

  • Overflowing toilets
  • The smell of sewage
  • Visible sewage coming up through a drain
  • Multiple drains backing up
  • Bubbling or gurgling sounds coming from your drains

What Are the Most Common Causes of Sewer Backups?

A wide variety of things can lead to a sewer backup, but some are more common than others. It can be helpful to know about the most common causes of backups because it will help you know if you are at risk of a sewer backup in the future. Some of the most common causes of backups include:

  • Tree root intrusion
  • Foreign objects in pipes
  • Improper installation
  • Settling soil
  • Aging pipes
  • City sanitary line backups
  • Corroded pipes

Can I Prevent Sewage Backups in the Future?

To prevent future backups, you should work with Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Treasure Coast to keep your sewer lines well maintained. We offer thorough preventative maintenance services, which include drain cleaning and sewer line inspection. On top of regular maintenance, you should avoid washing fats, oils, or grease down your sink drains and flush nothing but toilet paper down your toilet drains.

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We understand that a backup can wreak havoc on your life. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Treasure Coast is here to help you prevent and fix sewage backups. We have helped countless customers in Port St. Lucie, Palm City, Stuart, Ft. Pierce, and Vero Beach, and we’re eager to work with you too. We have such a high rate of customer satisfaction because we offer upfront pricing, friendly service, and a 24/7 live-answered line for appointment scheduling. Contact us today to schedule your residential sewer system backup appointment!

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