Radiant Floor Heat Repair

What Is Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating?

Also known as hydronic heating, radiant floor heating uses plastic tubing to circulate hot water beneath your home’s flooring. The water/liquid is stored in a boiler and pushed into a plumbing manifold so it can circulate throughout your home’s floors. With a radiant floor, waves of radiating warmth supplied by hot water tubes keep flooring surfaces, and your bare feet, nice and warm.

Touted as more energy-efficient than other home heating systems, hydronic radiant floor heating systems have risen in popularity in recent years. While this is a very efficient way to heat your home or supplement a traditional furnace, hydronic heating can develop some serious problems that require repair.

Call your local Mr. Rooter® Plumbing for professional radiant heat repair.

Common Hydronic Heating Issues

While hydronic floor heating is a very efficient way to heat your home, the system can develop serious problems that require professional repair in hard-to-reach areas. There are several possible issues that might be causing lack of performance with radiant floor heating, including:

  • Pipe leaks: Without proper preventative maintenance, pipe leaks can cause serious damage.
  • Pipe freeze: Power and heat loss can lead to a freeze-up. Anti-freeze may help prevent this issue.
  • Air lock: Because the boiler system is pressurized, air bubbles can occasionally develop inside the pipes, blocking the flow of hot water.

Professional Radiant Heat Flooring Repair

While a hydronic heating system is convenient and energy efficient, no system is perfect. Because a radiant heating system is underfloor and difficult to access, it’s a good idea to leave servicing the system to professionals. For professional radiant heat repair, call your local Mr. Rooter or request a job estimate online.

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