Backup Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps protect your home from water damage by pumping away groundwater that would otherwise damage your foundation or flood your basement. Unfortunately, power outages also occur during major storms, which can leave your sump pump inoperable when you need it most. To prevent this, many homeowners choose to protect their homes with a sump pump battery backup system.

Backup sump pump installation is not always easy and often requires help from an experienced plumber. For help installing your sump pump battery backup, call Mr. Rooter® Plumbing today.

A sump pump in need of repair.

Sump Pump Battery Back-Up Installation Cost

Back-up sump pump installation costs depend on the type of sump pump installed, the volume of the pump, and complexity of the installation. For the most accurate estimate, we recommend requesting a job estimate online. That way we can learn all the details of your specific sump pump and required backup system and give you the most accurate quote.

Sump Pump Backup Installation FAQs

Can you install a battery backup on an existing sump pump?

Yes, you can add a battery backup to an existing sump pump. Some battery backups operate in a similar manner to a battery backup used for internet routers, and the sump pump can plug directly into them with no additional work.

Other battery backups for sump pumps will require a more complex installation process. The ones that are more complex to install tend to be heavier-duty and less likely to fail in the event of a major storm. Regardless of which type you choose,, it will likely integrate with your current sump pump.

What is the life expectancy of a sump pump battery backup?

A sump pump battery tends to last between three and five years if they are cared for properly. However, even when adequately maintained, many factors impact their overall lifespan.

First, a sump pump backup won’t last quite as long if it is in constant use. In areas where power outages are frequent, they will burn out faster through overuse, and will eventually need to be replaced.

Battery-powered backups may also require replacement if they are run heavily for a long period of time in a single instance. The battery can only last so long (the total operating time depends on the model). If it runs for more than that period of time, it can drain the battery and impact future operability.

No matter what backup system you have, you should maintain both it and your sump pump with regular cleaning and inspections.

Professional Backup Sump Pump Installation

A sump pump backup system may seem expensive, but think of it as insurance. The cost of water damage—and the associated headaches—is a huge price to pay if you don’t have a backup sump pump during a blackout. And since sump pumps work hardest during storms, it’s safe to assume you’ll lose power one day and need a battery backup to keep your basement from flooding. So, protect your home and get peace of mind; give Mr. Rooter a call or request an estimate from a locally owned and operated Mr. Rooter nearest you.

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