5 Most Common Plumbing Issues for Summer

The warmer weather and summer activities bring with them some common plumbing issues that you should be aware of. Here are the top 5 plumbing issues for summertime and what you need to know to prevent bigger problems:

  1. Basement flooding. Summer storms can dump a lot of water on the ground, which can then seep into our basements. To prevent water damage and moldy conditions in the basement, be sure to check on your sump pump at the beginning of the season and make sure it’s in working order.
  2. Garbage disposal clogs. While the disposal can clog at any time of the year, some of our favorite summery foods can easily clog kitchen drains. Be careful to not throw pits from stone fruit or grease from grilled foods down the drain.
  3. Washing machine strain. Somehow, we often seem to have more laundry in the summer. If you find you’re running the laundry constantly, keep an eye on your machine for overheating, leaks, kinks in the hoses, and any other issues. Shake out sandy beach towels and blankets before washing to avoid buildup in the machine.
  4. Broken sprinklers. Lawn care equipment and regular wear and tear from spending more time outside can all contribute to issues with sprinklers and sprinkler systems. Check your system for any signs of damage before it becomes a bigger issue.
  5. Shower drain slowdowns. In the summer, with extra playing outside and more visits to the beach, it’s easy to bring in dirt, sand, and more — and this debris often builds up in our shower drains. Try to rinse off at the beach whenever possible to keep sand out of your shower drain, use a drain cover to catch hair, and you’ll prevent water from pooling in the shower all summer long.

These tips should keep your plumbing in good condition for the summer. But if you experience any type of plumbing issue this summer, contact Mr. Rooter in Sacramento for expert service.