How Can I Locate a Deep Pipe Leak

A water leak in or around your property in Sacramento can lead to very expensive property damage. Depending on the location of the leak, the vital structures that support your home could be at risk. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to locate the exact position of a leak in your water pipes. Mr. Rooter in Sacramento has the technology to locate your leak quickly and accurately and fix the problem efficiently.

Common Signs of a Water Pipe Leak

You might be able to locate a deep water pipe leak in some cases. For example, if the leak is in part of the pipe that extends out of your home, you might notice a wet spot in your lawn or a particularly lush patch of grass. This area may be receiving extra water from a leak in the pipe below.

If the leak is inside of your home, you might start noticing water spots on a ceiling, a wall, or at the base of a wall in your home’s lower level. While this typically appears in the basement for homeowners in the US, most California homes do not have basements due to the area’s earthquake risk, so you might notice water on your home’s main level, but it may be very difficult to find the exact source of the leak.

How Can Mr. Rooter in Sacramento Help?

Mr. Rooter uses advanced video diagnostic technology to locate leaks quickly and accurately in your home. We use a long, flexible tube that holds a high-definition video camera and light and feed it into your home’s piping until we find the source of the leak. This video inspection service means you can have your leak fixed as quickly as possible and minimize the need to break open walls or floors to fix broken pipes.

If you have recently noticed a leak in your home and cannot locate the source, Mr. Rooter is here to help. Contact us today and one of our team members will perform a video diagnostic to find the source of the leak so we can fix it quickly.