Each plumbing fixture and appliance that is inside of your home or business is equipped with a drain. And, that drain is designed to take the used water and waste away from the fixture.

Used water and waste materials can contain a large amount of bacteria, which can be harmful to the environment as well as to the health and well-being of the people in your space.

Without a properly working drain system, all of the waste and waste materials generated by your home or business would contaminate the entire area.

Our highly-skilled plumbers work hard to stay up-to-date on all of the latest drain cleaning and drain repair techniques. We understand that even a small malfunction in your drain system can escalate to a large problem for your plumbing system and, we want to make sure you avoid that.

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Drain Cleaning Service For Your Home Or Business

No matter where the drain is or what it is used for, we can provide superior drain cleaning and drain repair services.

  • Kitchen. In the kitchen, the most common drain clog is in the kitchen sink. This is because of the high-volume of waste material that is rinsed down the drain and even into the garbage disposal.
  • Bathroom. In the bathroom clogs can occur in the sinks, shower, bathtub and even in the toilet. Most of the clogs in the bathroom are caused by a collection of hair that is allowed to run down the drain.
  • Laundry. If you have a utility sink in your laundry room, it is vulnerable to clogs. Many items are rinsed down the drain of a utility sink, and some might be very caustic or even be large particles. Your washing machine drain is also susceptible to drain clogs.

If there is a drain in your home that has a clog, our team can offer the right drain cleaning and drain repair services to fix it. We carry with us the special tools to address all types of clogs.

Whether it is a collection of grease that has built up on the inside walls of the pipes or it is a mass of hair mixed with soap that has totally blocked the flow of water - we will bring with us the right tool to provide you with comprehensive drain cleaning and drain repair services.

Recommended Drain Clog Prevention Steps

Maintenance is the best way to avoid needing drain cleaning and drain repair services. And, the way that you use your drain system is a great place to start on maintenance. Here are some ways that you can help to prevent a drain clog in your plumbing system:

  • Avoid pouring grease down the kitchen drain. This is a surefire way to develop a drain clog. The grease deposits will build-up on the inside walls of the pipes and will eventually narrow the diameter of the pipe. That limits the flow of the water and materials that can move through and will lead to a complete blockage. HyrdoScrub Jetting and drain cleaning is a great way to get this situation repaired
  • Add screens to your bathroom drains. In the bathroom, it is most common for the drains to form clogs due to large amounts of hair that is rinsed down the drain. These strands of hair collect in the pipe, mix with soap and then dry to form a hardened mass. Drain cleaning support for these clogs is challenging but, our team always has the right tool to address this.
  • Avoid putting starchy or dense foods into your garbage disposal. Most kitchens are configured so that the kitchen sink drain is shared by the garbage disposal and the dishwasher. Putting things like large pieces of meat or a large amount of vegetable peelings into the garbage disposal can overwhelm the drain.

Because each of your drains is used for a very specific purpose, they each can develop a different type of clog. And, with each type of clog, comes the need for a different type of drain cleaning or drain repair service.

Luckily, the team at Mr. Rooter in Coronado has experience working with all types of drain clogs and maintains a high-level of training and experience in the latest drain cleaning and drain repair techniques.

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