Drain Cleaning & Drain Clog Repair in Del Mar

Everywhere that there is a place to use water - there is a drain. So, if you’re at the park with your kids, and there is a water fountain, it has a drain. If you are at the grocery store, and you use the bathroom and wash your hands, there is a drain in the sink. And, at home when you take a shower to get ready for work, there is a drain.

Every drain, no matter which plumbing system you are using, is designed to funnel all of the used water, and any waste materials, away from the fixture.

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Without a properly working drain system, the fixture or appliance would fill up with used water and eventually overflow. This could develop into a dangerous situation because the water likely contains a large amount of bacteria from the waste materials.

At Mr. Rooter we specialize in all aspects of your drain system and can help ensure your drains run correctly again. If you are experiencing any type of drain clog call our licensed drain cleaning specialists for a free estimate!

Repair & Cleaning Support For All Of Your Drains

Whether you are a business or a homeowner, it is important that your drain system be in top working order so that you can get through your busy day.

Our team has years of experience providing residential and commercial drain cleaning and drain repair services for all of your drain problems:

  • Kitchen. In both a commercial and residential kitchen the number one place for a drain clog to form is in the kitchen sink. This is usually due to a high volume of food particles from rinsing dishes. But, it can be compounded if those who use the sink are in the habit of pouring animal grease down the drain.
  • Bathroom. The bathroom has several drains, and all of them are vulnerable to clogs. Typically, a bathroom drain clog will be caused by a buildup of hair that has rinsed down the drain. Also, health and beauty products that get caught in the mass of hair and dry out will turn into a cement-like substance that is very difficult to move through the pipes.
  • Laundry. While your washing machine is an appliance, it connects to your plumbing system and does have a drain. That drain works to carry the water used in the tub to wash and rinse your clothes and linens. Because all of the water from the washing machine tub moves through this drain, it can get clogged from any solid materials that are in the water.

For all of the clogs and buildup in all of the drains in your home and business, the only call you have to make is to Mr. Rooter.

Our team member will come to your home or business on time, and will arrive in uniform. You can rest easy knowing that your home or business will be treated with respect because we will even wear sanitary booties to make sure that your floors are protected.

We will provide you with a guarantee of our workmanship and the parts that we use, so you know that the drain cleaning and drain repair service that you are receiving is top of the line.

Whether you need drain cleaning service for your residential bathroom shower, or you have a leaking sink and need drain repair services in your commercial property in Del Mar or surrounding CA areas, just one phone call to Mr. Rooter will get you superior plumbing support and service.
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