Trenchless Sewer Line Services in El Cajon

This section of pipe is where all of the drains of your system attach and deposit all of the used water, bits of food, toilet paper, strands of hair, and other solid materials from various fixtures.

As you can imagine, having a leak, crack, or other damage to your main sewer line would be a major disaster and could create some serious health risks.

Gaining access to the sewer line is the first challenge in providing repair - because it is buried in the ground outside of your home.

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However, Mr. Rooter of El Cajon is committed to making sure that we are providing our clients with the best option for their situation. That is why we have invested in the specialized training and equipment to provide our clients with trenchless sewer line repair.

Why Do I Need Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

Some of the main reasons that a sewer line will break down or become damaged include:

  • Tree roots have grown into your sewer pipe. Your sewer line is filled with an endless supply of water and organic materials that trees love. But, they will grow into your sewer line and cause the pipe to crack open.
  • Your pipes are made of a material that is vulnerable to corrosion. If you have an older home - it might be a good idea to have your sewer line inspected to find out what condition it is in.
  • Your pipes have not been properly maintained. It is important to have your sewer line inspected and maintained on an annual basis.

If you’re dealing with any of these scenarios and have a sewer line failure - make sure to contact our office right away. Our team has years of experience and training to provide the trenchless sewer line repair that will get your sewer system back up and running.

What Are My Options For Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

Depending on the extent of the damage to your system - there are a couple of ways that we can help to get your system back online.

Trenchless sewer line repair methods work to provide you with a fully repaired sewer line - without the need for digging your property. This means that if the section of pipe that is damaged is buried under your driveway - not to worry!

Your driveway can remain intact - and, you will have a perfectly repaired sewer line. Some of the ways we can do this are:

  • Pipe bursting: When your damaged sewer pipe needs to be replaced completely, we use pipe bursting technique to remove the old pipe and put a new piece of pipe in its place.
  • Pipe relining: If your sewer pipe is damaged but, not to the point of needing a complete replacement - then, we can offer you pipe relining and repair your damaged pipe from the inside out!

Trenchless sewer line repair offers a variety of options for various sewer line damage and, can all be done without causing any type of destruction to your property or landscaping!

If your sewer line is showing signs of damage - give us a call right away! Our team of expert plumbers can provide you with exceptional sewer line maintenance and inspection services to identify the problem quickly. And, if you need sewer line repair - we can offer you the latest trenchless sewer line repair technology.

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