The drains of your plumbing system are a major part of keeping things sanitary and clean. After all, your drains are responsible for making sure that all of the used water and the waste that is generated by your plumbing system is taken away from your property.

Wastewater contains a high volume of bacteria and without your drain system to carry it away, an unsanitary situation would occur that could put you and the people around you at risk for health concerns.

Any blockage or clog in your drain system will prevent the flow of wastewater from moving through your sewer system, and will leave you with bacteria-laden water in your plumbing fixtures and appliances.

The expert plumbers at Mr. Rooter in La Jolla are committed to making sure that your plumbing system is working in top condition - and that includes your drains. We provide both residential and commercial drain clean and drain repair or replacement services and have the skills and the training to make sure that the job is done right.

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Common Drain Cleaning Causes

The drains in your plumbing system are used for a variety of tasks, and that means there is a variety of ways that things can go wrong. For instance, in the kitchen animal grease and starchy foods can combine in the drain to create a clog that traps food particles and develops into a major blockage. And, in the bathroom, it is not unusual for hair and soap or shampoo to combine in the drain to create a mass that can be difficult to move.

Some of the most common causes for home and business owners to need drain cleaning services are:

  • A buildup of grease inside of the drain. When you repeatedly pour animal grease into the kitchen sink, the grease will congeal once it cools off and form a thick paste that stays inside of your drains.
  • A mass of hair mixed with shaving cream. In your bathroom shower or bathtub, it is not unusual for several hundred strands of hair to be rinsed down the drain. Once it lands in the drainpipe and mixes with the materials that are rinsed down the drain after it - a solid mass can form and completely block the flow of water
  • A collection of starch foods that expand with water. Things like noodles, rice, coffee grounds, and vegetable peelings can all expand in your drainpipe when they mix with water. This expansion will eventually cause a blockage of water from being able to flow through.

Make sure to avoid these behaviours and keep your drains protected. Maintenance is the best prevention, and daily use can be considered maintenance if you are following best practices.

How To Prevent Drain Clogs

The best way to prevent a drain clog is to avoid behaviours that put your plumbing system at risk. Things like; misusing your garbage disposal flushing non-flushable down the toilet are surefire ways to ensure that your drain system develops a clog. So, avoiding these behaviours is the best way to protect your drain system.

Some other ways to protect from clogs include:

  • Install drain screens in all of your bathroom drains. The number one cause of clogs in your bathroom drains is hair. By installing drain screens, you can prevent strands of hair from being rinsed down the drain.
  • Keep a can under your kitchen sink to pour grease into. Instead of pouring grease down your kitchen drain, where it could cause a clog, pour it into an empty can under the sink and then throw it in the garbage can.
  • Buy flushable wipes. If you have children, then you know there is more to potty-training than just getting rid of the diapers. The amount of toilet paper that they use and what they flush down the toilet is also of concern. Purchase one-and-done flushable wipes so the amount of tissue they are flushing is minimal.

To keep your plumbing system protected, follow these tips. And, if you do find yourself dealing with a clogged drain, make sure to contact us for help.

Drain Repair Tools That Can Help Solve Minor Clogs

While there are exceptions, for the most part, a household drain clog can be removed with some simple household plumbing tools. Here are a few you should keep on hand:

  • A plumbing snake. These can be purchased at any home improvement store and are not very expensive. But, when your drain clog can’t be cleared using a plunger, the plumbing snake is the next best thing.
  • A plunger. There are plungers for your sink and for your toilet - they both look the same but, one is smaller than the other. When you use a sink plunger in your tub or sink - make sure that you plug the overflow valve to get a good seal.
  • An auger. This is a more advanced piece of plumbing equipment and should only be used if you are experienced. They come in different sizes, and some need to be plugged into the wall.

While the above tools can remove a clog temporarily it is always advisable to have a licensed plumber handle this service to ensure your property is protected. At Mr. Rooter we specialize in all of your residential and commercial drain cleaning and drain repair needs. When you contact us, an insured member of our team will be dispatched and will arrive at your location on time. We always offer a free estimate and never charge overtime fees or trip charges.

You and your property will be treated with respect, and you will receive upfront pricing so that you know exactly how much the project is going to cost.

We are dedicated to making sure that each of our customers is treated the same way we would treat a friend or family member. As an owner-operated business, our reputation and relationships with our local community is very important to us.

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