The portion of your plumbing system that is dedicated to making sure that all of the used water and waste is taken away from your property is called the sewer system.

The drains inside of your home or business are part of your sewer system, and they work to funnel all of the water and waste generated by your plumbing appliances and fixtures away from your property.

Your drains connect to your main sewer line and dump everything they collect from the fixtures into the main line so that it can all be taken away to the treatment plant.

Anytime there is a clog or a blockage in your drain system, it puts your sewer system at risk and could result in a sewer line backup or leak.

Sewer backups and leaks typically cause puddles of raw sewage to collect either in your yard or your building and can be dangerous. If you find yourself dealing with a sewer line backup or leak, make sure to contact Mr. Rooter in La Jolla right away. We have years of experience repairing sewer line backups and leaks so; we know exactly what to do and how to get the job cleaned up right.

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What Are the Signs of Sewer a Sewer Line Problem?

The sooner a sewer line problem is identified, the sooner a repair can be done. Luckily, your sewer system will give some subtle signs that it is in trouble so that you can call for support.

Some of those signs include:

  • Water is backing up out of the drain of your shower, bathtub or sink.
  • Your drain has a foul Odor coming out of it.
  • There is a gurgling noise coming from your drains.
  • There is more than one fixture in your home that is malfunctioning at the same time.
  • Your toilets are not flushing.
  • Your toilets are acting strange.
  • Your drains gurgle when you flush the toilet.

If you notice any of these signs at your home or business, it is likely that you have a problem developing in your sewer line. Make sure to contact us to schedule an inspection right away before the problem escalates and anything major happens.

How Will A Sewer Line Problem Impact My Property?

Because the materials inside your sewer system are filled with bacteria, there are many ways that a backup or leak will have a negative impact on your property. Some of those ways include:

  • A sewer line backup or leak is a serious health concern for anyone who is exposed. The level of bacteria in the sewage that leaks is significant and can be quite harmful.
  • Your sewer line is buried in the ground outside of your home, so the environmental impact that a sewer line backup or leak will have on your property is of great concern.
  • If you have a sewer line backup or leak on your property, the neighbours within a certain radius will also be at risk.

A leak or backup in your sewer system is a very delicate situation and can have a significant impact on your property, your budget, and your life.

You can trust that when you call Mr. Rooter for your sewer line repair or replacement service, that you are calling a highly skilled and professional plumbing service. We have years of experience providing expert sewer line replacement and repair projects, and we will make sure that your job is no exception.

What Is Trenchless Pipe Repair and Replacement?

At Mr. Rooter in La Jolla, we pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest in sewer line repair and replacement services. That is why we are proud to offer trenchless pipe repair and replacement services to our clients. It used to be that when you had a sewer line problem, the only option was to have your entire yard or property dug up and destroyed to properly access the broken pipe. But our team provides trenchless pipe repair and replacement services including pipe bursting, pipe relining, and video camera inspection.

To make sure that your sewer line trouble is address professionally and with the latest equipment and technique, make sure to call Mr. Rooter for a free estimate. We are insured, so your property is protected, you will receive upfront pricing for all jobs, and we guarantee our workmanship and parts.

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