Most families today are moving at the speed of light. Often, both parents work, kids go to school, and there are extra-curricular activities and weekend events scheduled months in advance.

All of these responsibilities mean it is essential that all systems inside of the home be working in top condition at all times.

For instance, if there is a big soccer tournament on the coming weekend, the washing machine is going to be working overtime trying to get uniforms and grass blankets washed and ready.

There are few tasks that can get done inside of your home that don’t require your plumbing system. But, most of all, that don’t require hot water.

Hot water comes out of your plumbing fixtures and appliances because of your hot water heater. The water does not arrive to your home already hot.

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Most people don’t think much about where hot water comes from - until there is no hot water and all of those hundreds of tasks that they need to get done come to a screeching halt.

Luckily, when you call Mr. Rooter for your La Mesa, Lemon Grove, or Spring Valley residential water heater needs - you will receive exceptional customer care and industry-leading water heater repair, water heater maintenance, and water heater installation support.

Common Water Heater Problems

Because your water heater is constantly in use and working to make sure that you and your family have the hot water that you need - there are many things that can go wrong.

With time and use, these common water heater problems can occur:

  • Less hot water than usual. If it seems like your hot water heater is not providing as much hot water as it used to, this is a good sign that you need to call for support.
  • No hot water. Obviously, if your hot water is not providing hot water - you need to call us right away
  • Leaking tank. Over time, it is common for rust to develop inside of your water heater tank. This rust and corrosion can lead to a leak in the water heater tank.

If your water heater is showing any of these signs of deterioration, it is important that you call us right away. The sooner we can assess the problem, the sooner you can get an idea of how to proceed and get your hot water back up and running.

Types Of Water Heaters

It used to be that the only option for a homeowner, when it came to choosing a water heating system, was a conventional tank system. But, now there are options like a tankless water heating system.

Here’s how they compare:

  • Conventional (Standard) Tank Water Heating System. This is the system that is the most common in homes because it is less expensive to install and it used to be the only option available. It works to keep water on-hand by always having a tankful of water heated to a specific temperature. This is an around the clock process, and the standard tank water heating systems are always working - even if you’re not home.
  • Tankless Water Heating System. This is a fairly new system but, has been around long enough to have all of the kinks worked out. Many homeowners enjoy the energy-efficiency of a tankless water heating system and see a much lower power bill each month. The tankless water heating system works to heat water on-demand, by heating up the pipes that the water runs through.

Whether you have a conventional water heating system, and you need water heater maintenance at your La Mesa, Lemon Grove, or Spring Valley home - Mr. Rooter can help! And, if you need to have a tankless water heating system installed - we know how to do that too.

You only have to make one call for all of your water heater repair, water heater maintenance, and water heating installation needs. Mr. Rooter will provide you with upfront pricing, and will treat you and your home with respect by arriving in a clean uniform and wearing booties to cover our shoes.

You can count on our team for exceptional customer care that will far exceed your expectations - because that is what we strive for!

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