Your water heater is probably the most underappreciated and overused appliance in your home. In fact, do you even know where your water heater is installed?

Most of us don’t think about our water heater because it is usually installed somewhere outside of our regular living space; like in the garage or shop.

But, we all interact with our water heater everyday, in the form of using hot water. Not to mention to monthly costs of water and power to use your water heater.

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Suffering From Water Heater Issues?

The sooner that you can have your water heater issue addressed by a professional member of our team, the sooner you can get back to your busy day. And, when small issues are addressed while they are small - they never have a chance to get major and expensive.

For this reason, it is important to be watching for these signs of water heater trouble:

  • Little to no hot water. If your water heater suddenly starts to dial back how much hot water it is producing, this is a clear sign that you should have it looked at.
  • Long wait times. If the amount of time that it takes for your water heater to fill with hot water seems to be longer than it used to be, it is a good sign that you need service
  • Leaking. A small leak can be managed but, if the tank bursts you will have a huge mess on your hands plus all of the items that the water damages.

Make sure to contact us right away if you notice these signs of trouble. Early detection and repair are very important to repair and replacement efforts.

Why Do water heaters Malfunction?

Your water heater is a fairly simple appliance, and most of the issues that they develop can be traced back to a few different causes:

  • Not getting regular maintenance. You should have your water heater checked annually by a professional. And, you should add it to your calendar to look at your water heater at least once a month.
  • There is rust or corrosion in the tank. Rust in your water heater tank will cause the tank to corrode and break down. This will eventually lead to a leak in the tank.
  • There is a layer sediment in the tank. This sediment will create a buffer between the heating element and the water, causing your water heating system to have to work harder and eventually breakdown.

Over time and with everyday use, all water heaters will develop one or more of these issues. Regular maintenance is essential to ensuring that your water heater issues are minimal, and big problems are caught before they escalate.

What Happens If I Need A New Water Heater?

If your conventional tank water heater needs replacing, you might consider having a tankless water heater installed in your home. Whereas a standard tank water heater works to keep hot water on-hand at all times, a tankless system uses technology to heat up the pipes that the cold water passes through and heats it up on the way to the fixture.

The tankless system is far more energy-efficient, because it only works as-needed to heat water. It does not work unless you have turned on a faucet or appliance that requires hot water. The initial investment of a tankless water heating system is greater than that of a standard tank water heater but, in the long-run the cost to run a tankless system is much lower.

Our team can provide you with conventional tank and tankless water heater installation services. We also have the training and knowledge to provide maintenance and repair services for both standard water heaters as well as tankless hot water heating systems.

Whether your need is a simple maintenance appointment for your conventional tank water heater or, you would like more information about installation services for a new tankless water heater - you simply need to make one phone call as our team can handle it all.

We will provide you with upfront pricing so you know exactly how much the job will cost, and we guarantee all of our workmanship and parts.

You can count on us to provide you with professional and courteous service, and rest assured that your home or business will be treated with respect and be left cleaner than when we found it.

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