Most people don’t like to think of their sewer system. It is one of those “out of sight and out of mind” situations.

While the drains inside of your home are technically part of your sewer system, most of the system is buried in the ground outside of your home.

The drains in your home are designed to funnel all of the waste and used water from the fixture or appliance into your main sewer line. And, your main sewer line is designed to carry all of that waste out to the municipal sewer line; so it can be carried to the treatment plant.

This means that on any given day, there is a configuration of pipes in the ground outside of your home that is carrying used water and raw waste away from your property.

And, anything that goes wrong with that system will most definitely cause you problems. But, not to worry - one call to Mr. Rooter of Poway for your sewer system needs and you will receive excellent care and superior service.

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Impact Of A Sewer Line Backup

Because your sewer system is buried in the ground, the impact of a sewer line backup or sewer line leak is significant. And, getting the problem cleaned up and repaired properly is essential to getting your day back on track

Some of the ways that a sewer line backup or sewer line leak will impact your home, or business are:

  • Health risks. Raw sewage contains a significant amount of all types of bacteria and, if you have raw sewage leaking in your yard or outside of your business, it could be a real health risk to anyone who is exposed.
  • Environmental risks. Because your sewer system is buried in the ground, anytime a leak occurs there is a real concern for the groundwater or vegetation to be exposed and contaminated.
  • Neighbors. When you have a sewer line leak or backup, it is not just your property that is affected. Sometimes, the properties within a certain radius of you are also affected depending on how significant the damage is

Sewer line backups and leaks are a delicate matter, and they really do require a professional to address them. And, not just a professional but one who has the equipment, years of training and experience, and specialized knowledge to address the situation correctly.

The team at Mr. Rooter of Poway is just that professional. We have provided the business and homeowners of our great city with exceptional sewer line backup and sewer line repair services for many years. And, in many cases, we have done so without having to destroy landscaping and property in order to access the affected pipes.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement (pipe bursting)

Years ago, the only option that homeowners and business owners had for sewer line repair was to have a backhoe come in and tear out their landscaping, driveways, and patios to access the ailing pipes.

Now, there are choices and in many cases, the pipes can be accessed through a trenchless approach - which means no digging.

Our team has the specialized training and equipment to offer trenchless pipe replacement services through a process called pipe bursting.

This is the process of breaking the old pipe apart and sliding a new pipe in its place.

Trenchless Pipe Repair (pipe relining)

In the case that the pipe crack or fracture is small enough that the pipe can be salvaged, our team will use an approach called pipe relining.

  1. First, we will place a sleeve of flexible pipe material into the affected pipe.
  2. Then, we will expand the material using a balloon-type tool.
  3. Once this happens, the sleeve material will adhere to the inside walls of the affected pipe and seal into place.
  4. We will then remove the balloon tool, and leave you with a brand new pipe - from the inside.

These processes are great because they are non-invasive and can provide you with a properly sealed and repaired sewer line, without all of the cleanup of trenches dug in your yard.

For all of your sewer line repair and sewer backup needs, there is only one call that you need to make, and that is to Mr. Rooter of Poway.

Sewer system troubles are very delicate matters that can involve a lot of layers and regulations. But, with our team on your side, all of that can get taken care of thoroughly and professionally.

In fact, we are so confident in our level of work and customer care that we guarantee our workmanship and the parts that we use.
You can feel safe knowing that when you call our team, you are calling a trusted and reliable friend who will treat you with respect and professionalism.

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