The drains associated with the various plumbing fixtures and appliances of your plumbing system are a very important part of your sewer line.

In fact, without drains the used water and waste that is generated at these fixtures and appliances would just stay in the basin and begin to leave a terrible odor.

Having a drain for each appliance or fixture that is configured to carry the waste and used water out to your sewer system is a very effective way of protecting your space and keep things sanitary.

Drains are important in both commercial and residential plumbing systems, and all drains can develop clogs and blockages over time.

Luckily, whether you have a residential or a commercial plumbing system you can have all of your drain clogs, drain cleaning, and drain repair needs quickly addressed by a highly-skilled professional with just one call to Mr. Rooter.

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Where are the drains located in my property?

In both residential and commercial structures, drains can be located in roughly the same areas:

  • Kitchen. In the kitchen, the drains are usually located in the kitchen sink and the dishwasher. Sometimes, in a commercial kitchen, there are drains in the floor as well.
  • Bathroom. The bathroom has the most drains of any room of your home. There is a drain in the toilet, sink, bathtub, and shower. Again, in commercial bathrooms, there are sometimes drains in the floor.
  • Laundry. In some homes, laundry rooms have a utility sink, and there is a drain in the sink. Washing machines have drains so that the used water from the tub is carried away from the appliance.

All of these drains are susceptible to drain clogs and blockages due to heavy amounts of health and beauty products, hair, grease, food particles, and other materials.

Depending on the location of the drain and which materials it manages, the drain clog could be very dense and stubborn to move.

Thankfully, the team at Mr. Rooter in Santee and Lakeside has years of experience dealing with all kinds of clogs. Our insured team member will arrive at your location in uniform, and with all of the special tools and training to get your drain problem fixed.

What types of problems can my drains experience?

Because there is such a variation on how the drains in your home and commercial building are used, the things that can go wrong can also vary.

But, some of the most common issues are:

  • Drain clogs. This scenario involves a mass of waste material collecting to a large enough size that it completely blocks the flow of liquid through the drain and into the sewer line
  • Drain corrosion and buildup. In many drains, corrosion and buildup can occur due to repeated deposits of grease or health and beauty products. These items will adhere to the inside walls of the pipes, and cause the diameter of the pipes to narrow and slow the movement of liquids.

For all of your drain cleaning, drain repair, and drain replacement needs you can rest assured that one call to Mr. Rooter is all you need.

For exceptional customer care and cutting edge plumbing technique, you can count on Mr. Rooter of Santee and Lakeside.

What is HydroScrub service?

For those drains that are very stubborn and have many layers of buildup or a very stubborn clog, Mr. Rooter provides a HydroScrub service.

For many instances of drain cleaning and clog removal, a drain cable tool is used and easily gets the clog to move. But, in some cases, the clog or corrosion and buildup are so thick and dense that something strong needs to be used. This is where HydroScrub comes in handy, and the team at Mr. Rooter are experts at providing HydroScrub services.

HydroScrub technology uses highly-pressurized water to dislodge the chunks of corrosion and clean the inside of the pipes. It also works to break down a stubborn clog into small pieces so that it all moves through the pipe.

If you have a commercial kitchen and need drain cleaning maintenance or your residential plumbing system need drain repair or replacement, you can count on the team at Mr. Rooter.

You will receive upfront pricing from our licensed plumbers, and we guarantee our workmanship and parts.

We pride ourselves on providing customer care that far exceeds our customers’ expectations, and are committed to knowing all of the latest in plumbing technology and techniques.

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