While the drains inside of your home are considered part of your sewer system, the main portion of the system is buried in the ground outside of your home. And, that is where the real trouble can happen.

In fact, a main sewer line backup or leak will lead to puddles of raw sewage forming in your yard - which, you can imagine is a tremendous mess and terrible inconvenience.

The sewer system in your home is responsible for managing all of the waste that is generated by your plumbing fixtures and appliances.

And, with all of this use, it is no wonder that things go wrong with your sewer system. Luckily, the team at Mr. Rooter of Santee and Lakeside knows all about sewer system troubles and can provide you with comprehensive and professional service for any sewer system troubles you are having.

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Some of the sewer system problems that we can help with include:

  • Pipes that have broken or are cracked. This will typically happen due to age and daily use, but there are things in the environment that can cause sewer line pipes to crack.
  • Pipes that have developed a clog or blockage. Things like tree roots can create blockages in your sewer line but, also materials going down the drain like diapers or animal grease will create clogs
  • Pipes that are corroded. If your sewer pipes are very old, they could begin to breakdown and deteriorate due to corrosion.
  • Pipes that have bellied or shifted. When the soil that your pipes are buried in shifts, it can cause a section of the pipe to belly.
  • Pipes that have tree roots in them. When tree roots go looking for food and water, they often find it in your sewer pipes.

For all of these sewer system troubles and more, our team has the special equipment and training to provide you with sewer line repair and sewer line replacement.

How Can I Prevent A Sewer Line Problem In My Home?

While there are some circumstances that you can’t control when it comes to your sewer system; tree roots, soil shifting, etc. There are many things that you can do to make sure that your sewer system is protected and kept in top working condition:

  • Make sure that you schedule regular maintenance appointments for your sewer system. These appointments should be conducted at least once per year, and should include a video camera inspection of the area.
  • Make sure not to overuse drain cleaning chemicals. These chemicals are highly-caustic and can speed up the corrosion process. They can also cause weak spots in your pipes, increasing the chances of cracks.
  • Make sure not to send anything into your drain system that should go in the garbage can. Things like vegetable peels, diaper, baby wipes, and animal grease should never be sent down your drain system and out to your sewer line.

All of these behaviors can reduce the chances of a sewer system backup, or other problem. Having regular maintenance appointments, with video camera inspection, will give you an up-to-date view of the conditions of your sewer pipes, so that you know if any trouble is brewing.

What Are My Options For Sewer System Repair?

Even with regular maintenance and best practices, there is always a chance of a sewer line problem. Tree roots can grow rapidly in the right conditions, and will quickly cause serious problems for your sewer line.

In the event that you do have a sewer system backup, or need sewer line repair or sewer line replacement service, we can offer you with options for trenchless sewer line repair or sewer line replacement.

It used to be that your only option in the event of sewer system trouble was to have your landscaping, driveway, patio, or lawn completely ruined and dug up in order to access the affected pipe.

However, Mr. Rooter of Santee and Lakeside provides the latest in sewer line replacement and sewer line repair technology and offers trenchless sewer line service.

This is the process of replacing or repairing sewer line problems, without needing to dig trenches to access the affected pipes.

Trenchless techniques include:

  • Pipe relining. When your pipes have cracks or breaks in them, it is sometimes possible to repair these weak points using pipe relining. Rather than digging a trench in your yard, we simply run a sleeve of material inside of the affected pipe and expand it so that it adheres to the inside walls of your broken or cracked pipes. This gives you a brand new pipe - from the inside out!
  • Pipe bursting. If your pipes are broken or cracked to a point that relining will not provide enough of a repair, we can use pipe bursting technique to break apart the existing broken pipe and slide a new pipe into its place.

With these trenchless sewer line repair and sewer line replacement services, you can rest assured that your yard, driveway, and patio will never be destroyed in the event of a sewer system problem.

Mr. Rooter of Santee and Lakeside has the specialized training and equipment to provide you with outstanding sewer system support. Whether you have a sewer system backup and need a clog or blockage removed or, your sewer pipe has cracked and is leaking - just one call to Mr. Rooter will solve the problem!

Our team has years of experience working with all types of sewer line repair and sewer line replacement projects. We will always arrive at your location quickly, and will never charge you extra for after-hours calls.

You can count on us to far exceed your expectations when it comes to customer care and service. We guarantee our workmanship and the parts we use, and will always provide you with upfront pricing.

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