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What to do When You Have Roots in Your Sewer Line

When roots start to infest your sewer lines, it can quickly become a major headache that can leave you financially drained. There are important steps you can take to solve the problem and avoid more serious repairs down the road.

Mechanical Removal

One of the first options to consider is mechanically cutting the tree roots. Using a mechanical drill specifically designed for a sewer line, you can send it down the line, and the blades at the top of the drill will cut the roots. Now, this is considered a temporary fix and does not permanently fix the problem as the roots will grow back. However, it is a good temporary fix that will prevent it from getting worse while you prepare the more permanent solutions.

Chemical Removal

To permanently correct the problem, you will need to use a chemical to kill the root structure. Many professionals recommend using copper sulfate crystals. The copper crystals create a force field around the pipes that essentially prevent the roots from getting back into the pipe because the chemical surrounding the pipe kills the roots.

An alternative to the copper sulfate crystals is using a foaming agent that kills the roots on contact and leaves behind a residue that prevents further growth. Foaming agents can also be an excellent preventive method to use a few times a year as part of your home maintenance.

Working with chemicals can be dangerous, so it is critical to follow the instructions. Alternatively, you may want to consider hiring a professional who routinely handles these chemicals to avoid injury.

Call in the Professionals

If you are unsure how serious the problem is, you should call in a professional. A professional has technology such as video cameras that can see into the sewer lines. The camera will help determine the extent of the issue as well as see any potential damage to the pipes. If the pipes have suffered severe damage as a result of the root infestation, you may have to hire a company to come to repair the pipes. If you suspect a root issue in your sewer line, please call the experts at Mr. Rooter. We proudly serve the Southeast WI area.

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