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Water Heater Repair in St. George, UT

Cost-Saving Water Heater Services

water heater repair in St. GeorgeOne of the most overlooked components of your home plumbing system is probably your water heater. Because you utilize a water heater in your daily routine, there’s bound to be some wear and tear. This constant use can result in much-needed maintenance, repair, or even replacement. Our licensed experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of St. George can help you determine whether you need repairs or replacement for your water heater. Regardless of the specific issue, our professional plumbers can assess your water heater for signs of damage to pinpoint the underlying problem.

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Some signs of a damaged water heater include:

  • Rust and debris in your hot water
  • Banging and rumbling when the unit is on
  • A puddle of water in the collection pan
  • Discolored and smelly water coming from your taps

When your water heater isn’t functioning correctly—whether it’s leaking or not heating your water effectively—you’ll need the help of a professional. Once we’ve evaluated the problem, we can begin discussing viable options for your specific needs. These options may include repairing current parts or replacing the entire water heater. In this case, we can help you determine what type of unit would be best for your home.

The types of water heaters we suggest include:

  • Conventional: This water heater employs a large tank that is heated by electricity or gas power.
  • Tankless: A tankless water heater heats your water instantly and as needed, and it may reduce water heating costs by 30%.
  • Hybrid: This type of water heater uses a heat pump and a water tank to heat water efficiently and reduce water heating costs by 60%.

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Traditional vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Choosing a water heater for your property depends on its size and the amount of water you generally use. A traditional water heater utilizes a large storage tank of 50 gallons or more that is continuously heated. While this capacity can usually meet an entire household’s needs, someone may, unfortunately, become the victim of a cold shower when the heated water is depleted. Typically, a traditional water heater lasts for about ten years before it’s time to consider a replacement.

An alternative option that many homeowners are turning to is a tankless water heater, which heats water as it passes through a pipe, eliminating the need for a bulky water storage container. While the idea of a tankless water heater may sound perfect, it might not be right for everyone. The initial installation cost can be an investment; however, the overall benefits outweigh the cost of installation for many.

Some of the attractions of a tankless water heater include:

  • Saving property owners hundreds in utility bills over the years
  • Providing energy-efficient operation
  • Offering environmentally friendly benefits
  • Offering a longer lifespan than a traditional water heater
  • Increasing property value
  • Requiring very little space
  • Decreasing the risk of water damage

There are three primary types of tankless water heaters: gas-powered, propane-powered, and electric-powered. Regardless of the kind of tankless water heater you need, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of St. George has the skills and knowledge to help you make the most informed decision.

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Replacing vs. Repairing Your Water Heater

Water heaters are rarely thought about until you experience an icy shower or find water puddles under your water tank. At that point, you’re left deciding whether repair or replacement is the right option. Water heater replacement or repair usually depends on the water heater’s age, condition, and the amount you’re willing to spend on it. If you’re unsure, let our plumbers in St. George come out and take a look at the problem and present practical, cost-saving solutions.

How Much Does Water Heater Repair Cost?

Repairing a water heater can vary depending on the specific issue you’re having. On average, the cost to fix a water heater can range from $200 to $900. However, with our warranties, you can get a repair service at a much lower cost. It’s essential to perform regular maintenance to help avoid repairs in the future.

The only way to know the actual cost of repairs is to let us evaluate your water heater for ourselves. We inspect your water heater and quickly offer solutions to repair minor issues before they become major ones. Further, if you experience significant problems without warning, we offer 24/7 emergency services at no extra charge. The sooner you call us, the faster we can get your water heater up and running again.

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