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Are My Building’s Pipes in Danger?

In general, the pipes that are directly exposed to extreme cold weather are more susceptible to freezing and causing damage. It is important that you protect your pipes early on, ideally before the winter weather begins to bring the temperature down.

The following types of pipes are most vulnerable to freezing:

  • Water sprinkler lines
  • Outdoor hoses
  • Plumbing in unheated interiors, such as in the basement, garage, etc.
  • Outdoor pipes with no insulation

If left unnoticed, frozen water pipes can cause major leaks and catastrophes. Just one pipe burst can cause a building to lose 4-8 gallons of water a minute and cost thousands of dollars to repair. To prevent such damage, it is crucial that you take the proper preventative steps to preserve your pipes.

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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

  • Insulate your exterior pipes, which will keep the cold from solidifying the water
  • Allow small amounts of water to run through your faucets constantly, to keep the water moving
  • Open the cabinet doors under sinks to allow warm air to heat your pipes
  • Seal the openings of doors to the attic, basement, etc.
  • Insulate water storage units in / out your home, susceptible to the cold
  • Remove and store away your outdoor hoses to preserve their efficiency

How to Know if Your Pipes Are Frozen

Often, business owners may distracted with the surge in customers and sales that winter brings. Focused on surviving the holidays, you may forget to monitor the health of your plumbing system and pipes. However, it is important that you know how to identify frozen pipes should they occur so that you can help prevent a burst or other damage.

Signs of frozen pipes include:

  • Persistent plumbing issues
  • Pipes covered in ice
  • Low water pressure
  • Damp drywall
  • Unusual sounds and odors from your pipes

Tips on Thawing Your Pipes

While you may experience a variety of issues caused by frozen pipes, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the freeze is. Most pipes behind building walls are hard to access. However, exterior pipelines may be easier to diagnose and treat. If you do find a frozen pipe, here are some ways to get water flowing again.

Tips on thawing your frozen pipes:

  • Apply heat to the frozen pipe. This can be done using a hair dryer, a space heater, or applying warm, towels, or a heating pad.
  • Keep the faucet on while you warm the pipes. This will allow the ice to thaw and trickle out.
  • Continue to apply heat to the pipes until your water pressure is restored.

The best course of action? Call on a certified plumber you can trust. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we are well-versed on the best remedies and preventative measures to avoid the damage that frozen pipes can bring. We understand how important it is to keep your plumbing flowing—especially during the busy winter months for your business. Even if you shut down shop in the winter, frozen pipes can still cause major trouble in the spring, resulting in bursts, flooding, and serious damage. The good news is that we are available 24/7 to take your call!

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