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While you may think plumbing maintenance only involves calling out a Yakima plumber for drains, pipes, and water fixtures in your bathrooms and kitchen, it’s much more. One of the things that can often go overlooked by homeowners is routine septic tank service. Since it manages the waste in your home or business, you must have the proper septic tank services completed to keep future problems at bay, ranging from flooding to dangerous conditions for the health and safety of your family.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we deliver fast, efficient, and thorough septic tank services for owners of both homes and businesses in Yakima. Whether you need a routine inspection of your tank or emergency service, you can give our team a call today for dependable service. With professionalism and quality at every turn, there’s no question why Mr. Rooter continues to be people’s go-to provide for septic tank services in Yakima and beyond.

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Common Septic Tank Issues

If your septic tank is left alone and ignored, it will eventually overflow since it has nowhere to go. This overflow causes serious damage to your property and plumbing system, often resulting in thousands of dollars in repair and clean-up services.

Some of the most common septic tank issues that occur in Yakima include:

  • Root Intrusion – Roots may be in the way of your septic tank working properly due to it being a potential source of water for the trees on your property. Our team has the proper inspection tools to locate the roots or other intrusions that may be causing problems. Once found, we’ll clear the roots and provide any needed repairs to fix the holes left.
  • Wall Corrosion – After a while, the walls in your septic tank may begin to deteriorate and corrode, leading to various leaks and inefficiency.
  • Full Tank – Nobody wants an overflowing septic tank. Whether you’ve had an influx of water and waste or have not pumped your tank in a while, have a professional complete the services needed to ensure you have the proper room in your system.
  • Detached Wall – A common problem that tanks can experience is detached walls, caused by the tank splitting into two compartments. A detached wall can trap sludge in the tank, eventually leading to system failure and wasted time and money down the road.

Of course, this is just the beginning of the wide variety of septic tank problems we see daily. We offer homeowners and business managers in Yakima and the surrounding locations services to solve these issues and more. With over 50 years of hands-on experience under our belts, you can be sure your system is in good hands.

How Do I Know My Septic Tank Needs Service?

From bad smells to multiple drains slowing down in your home, there are a handful of signs you should watch out for to make sure your septic tank is working properly. Any of these warning signs may be a sign of overflowing or another serious issue.

Some warning signs of septic problems include:

  • Pooling Water – Whether you’ve found water pooling in your lawn, backyard, or around your property’s septic tank, it’s probably a sign of your septic tank having some trouble. Have this addressed as soon as possible to prevent future damages and high-water bills.
  • Bad Smells – The smell that can result from septic issues is very easy to spot once you get a whiff of it. Whether it’s being emitted from your drains or noticed in your front lawn, it’s important to call our team at first smell.
  • Lawn Health – Has your lawn become very green, lush, and vibrant without any real explanation? This verdant lawn could signal an overflowing system, especially when the healthy patches are located in one central location.
  • Slow Drains – From the bathroom to the kitchen, septic tank issues usually lead to slow drains due to the inability to flow the way they should. While it may be a dirty drain, it’s important to have your drains inspected for septic issues if there is more than one drain that is clogged or moving slowly. Gurgling noises coming from the drains may also be present.

Whether you’ve experienced any of these warning signs or it’s been a while since you’ve had your system inspected, it’s imperative that you reach out to a team of professionals as soon as possible to schedule a septic inspection. Our team at Mr. Rooter will listen to your concerns and experiences to provide you with a thorough and accurate solution.

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