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Your Friendly, Local Plumber Declares It Downspout and Gutter Cleaning Time

The last few leaves are falling from the trees, which means it is time for clean up! Raking the leaves from your front and back yard is only part of the outside maintenance that needs to be done before the cold winter weather starts to settle in.

Outside the entire perimeter of your house gutters and downspouts have been installed to help redirect water away from the structure of your house during the wet season. If your gutters and downspouts are not working properly, or have been clogged or blocked in anyway, your home could sustain heavy water damage and flooding.

It is recommended that you have your gutters and downspouts cleaned once per year, and the best time to do this is near the end of the Fall after all of the leaves from the surrounding trees have fallen. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Walk the perimeter of your home and locate all of the downspouts and gutters. Most homes have several downspouts that are installed on exterior walls that intersect with one another. Your gutters will usually be made from metal or plastic and run horizontal near the bottom of your roof.
  2. Always use safety equipment when cleaning your gutters and downspouts. This includes both safety goggles and gloves. When you are scooping or pushing the debris in your gutters, there might be sharp sticks or materials that will poke your bare hands or splatter in your face.
  3. Set up a stable ladder and climb so that you’re in a position that is comfortable for digging in your gutters. Using a small shovel or trowel to scoop the material out of your gutters. Move the ladder down the length of the gutter, cleaning as you go. Once the gutter is cleared to the point of a downspout, use a garden hose to ensure that water moves through the gutter and down the spout without blockage.

Making sure that your gutters and downspouts are kept clear and free from clogs is a very important part of the external maintenance of your home’s plumbing system. For more information or to have any questions answered, give the team at Bergen County Mr Rooter a call today!