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Spigots, Outdoor Faucets and Hose Bibs Need Your Attention Too!

With Fall in the air and Halloween fast approaching this is the perfect time to be outdoors raking leaves, setting out the jack o’ lanterns, and hanging the fake spider webs on the shrubs. Many people use Fall as the time of year to get the outside of their home ready for the colder temperatures that are just around the corner.

One task that is an absolute must during Fall is to disconnect and store any outside hoses, drip systems, or irrigation that you had for watering or water play during the summer. While a garden hose or drip system might seem like a small investment and not one to worry about getting damaged by cold weather, these tools are connected to your plumbing system, and therefore the entire plumbing for your home is at risk if you don’t disconnect them.

Steps you should take to prepare the outside of your home for cold weather include:

  • When you use a water hose, some water is left in the hose even after the spigot is turned off. During a cold snap, this water can freeze and create pressure against the spigot. The spigot is part of and connected to the plumbing system for your home. Therefore, this pressure can cause breaks or cracks in the pipes that are inside of your home, which will then cause leaks. Always disconnect and store outdoor water hoses during the Fall months, before the cold weather arrives.
  • Install insulated wraps on your outdoor faucets. This provides a protective layer around each of the exterior faucets and reduces the chances that they will freeze during a cold snap, which could cause issues with your indoor plumbing
  • Engage the shut-off valves that are inside of your home and then go out and drain the water from the pipes of your outdoor faucets, hose bibs, and spigots. This ensure that no water is left sitting in the pipes that could potentially freeze, causing the pipes to crack, break, or build pressure in the system

It is safe to say that the summer weather is behind us for another year and we have moved into the time of year that the rain, cold temperatures, and snow are coming. Being warm and safe inside of your home is the best place during a cold weather storm, use these months of Fall to make sure the plumbing outside of your home doesn’t jeopardize that sanctuary. If you any plumbing issues or questions please give Mr Rooter Plumbing of Bergen County a call!