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Easily Clean Your Tub Drain Stopper

Tub drain stopper repair

The drain on your tub can become clogged or damaged quite easily since it has to deal with a mess of hair, soap, dirt and grime each and every time someone takes a shower or bath. Over time, all of these matters can build up in and around the tub drain and cause a clog.

Fortunately, say the experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Bergen County, it is not necessary to always call a plumber in these times, as most tub drains are equipped with a fairly easily cleanable drain stopper. Most of the time, these stoppers collect all the substances right under the drain so that they can be caught before causing a clog deep within the drain pipe. The toughest part usually, is removing the stopper of your tub drain.

Mr. Rooter Tip of the Week

Tip #1 Using a pair of slipknot pliers, position them with the handle going into the drain. Because of this, the slipknot pliers need to be small enough to fit inside the drain. There is an X shaped arm within the pipe and you must latch the arms of the pliers around this.

Tip #2 Using a strong screwdriver, place it in the middle of the handles of the slipknot pliers.

Tip #3 Finally, using the screwdriver as a sort of handle and the slipknot pliers as a wrench, unscrew the drain stopper.

PLUMBING TRADE SECRETS:Ā It will depend on how well the stopper was originally screwed in and how old your tub is to determine how easy a task this will be to accomplish. If you are not able to remove the tub drain stopper, it may be necessary to call a qualified Midland Park plumber who is equipped with specialized tools that can remove the tub drain stopper easily.

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