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Bathroom Sink Plumbing Problems

Have you just found water under the vanity and now finding the bathroom sink plumbing leak has become your priority? As it should be, realizing how damaging any pipe leak can be to the home. Repairs are costly and if leaks are ignored, cabinets, floors, walls and any ceiling below a bathroom can suffer the consequences.

Bathroom sinks can develop leaks in a variety of places. If caulking is missing around the rim of the bathroom sink water can get down under the rim and can cause wetness inside the cabinet. The base of the faucet is another place that water will show up; make sure the gasket hasn’t begun to deteriorate. Parts within the bathroom faucet assembly can fail with parts available for most models. Most times replacing the faucet or any gasket that is found to be faulty, including removing the old caulking and reapplying, can stop a pesky leak.

What Should I Do When the Bathroom Sink Drain Slows Down?

Most of the time a slow-moving bathroom sink drain can be traced to a clog formed in the drain pipe from soap scum, hair and cosmetics. Water going down the drain also contains calcium and other hard water deposits that contribute to a narrowing of the drain pipe and the result is a sink that takes forever to drain. Don’t relax just yet, because a slow-moving bathroom drain could be more serious – it could be a warning sign that a drain further down the line is experiencing trouble.

What can you do as a homeowner to determine if this is a serious plumbing problem? Check the other drains in the house to see if they are flowing freely. If they are fine, the problem could be limited to just this particular drain. If other drains in the house are experiencing problems this indicates a problem with the main plumbing drain system. Maybe you haven’t had your drains cleaned by a professional recently. Preventive maintenance especially where your household drains are involved is always a good idea.

Simple bathroom drain clogs are easy to resolve, just yucky. To keep from having a heavy build up of matted hair and soap scum tangled around the sink drain stopper mechanism, place a screen over the drain entrance to catch things before they enter the drain. For these kinds of minor plumbing repairs, a sink plunger, kept handy for minor clogs is a good idea. The black, cone-shaped type plungers have a unique design meant to fit snugly inside the toilet drain outlet. Getting a good seal when trying to force a stubborn clog through the drain is important to be effective!

Bathroom drains clogged? We can fix it! If a plunger doesn’t resolve the clogged drain then a free evaluation from one of our highly-trained, licensed plumbers is just a phone call away. No overtime charges and no trip fees is our motto. We offer yearly drain inspection programs for any budget, including residential and commercial customers. Call us today!

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