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Keep Your Drains Clear This Fall

If you worry about clogged drains in at your home in Bergen County, NJ, there are a few things you can do to make sure your pipes stay clear, and you don’t have to repair them during the cold months of the year. While nothing is failproof, preparing ahead and preventative maintenance will give you the best chances of having healthy plumbing.

  • Make sure you have a lint trap or catcher on your washing machine hose. A lint trap will keep lint from your clothes from getting trapped in your drains and sewer line.
  • Use sink screens to block debris, hair, and food from going down drains. Making sure hair doesn’t go down the pipes in your bathrooms is a fantastic way to make sure your drains stay clear all fall and winter.
  • If you have slow drains, clean the stoppers to allow water to flow better. Pop-up stoppers collect hair and other things that go down your bathroom drains. Hair wraps around the stopper, and you can clean it out easily.
  • Use a compost bin for raw vegetable waste, coffee, and fruit rinds. A compost bin will help you save your garbage disposal from clogs.
  • Fill your sinks and tubs full of hot water and then release it. Using water like this is called flushing your drain. The weight of the water and heat can move small clogs out of your pipes.
  • Let everyone know that only toilet paper goes in the toilet along with the waste. Everything else should go into a trash bin.
  • If you do home repairs, paint, cement, grout, and compound will clog your drains. Most of these things will harden and stick to the walls of your pipes. Some of these are almost impossible to get rid of once they get stuck in a pipe. Throw the solid parts in a trash can and rinse the rest of the watery compound out outdoors.
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