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The 3 Most Common Summer Plumbing Emergencies, and What to Do About Them | Mr. Rooter Bergen County, NJ

Plumbing emergencies are never fun, and it's not always obvious what to do in the middle of one. For various reasons, summertime provides its own set of emergencies that are different from those we encounter in the colder months. In order to better manage these emergencies, we've compiled the top 3 most common with the hopes that it makes your next emergency a little easier.

Overflowing toilet bowl. Perhaps the least pleasant of plumbing emergencies, clogged toilets increase drastically in the summertime. First things first, shut the water valve off! The valve is typically located on the pipe or hose directly behind the toilet bowl. This will stop more water from pouring out of the bowl. Luckily, some clogs can be fixed simply by using a plunger, which is the first thing to try. Other clogs are more serious and might require the work of professional plumbing services. Either way, the toilet is the most-used appliance in any home, so keeping it functioning properly is crucial.

Broken hot water heater. Believe it or not, the summer is harder on hot water heaters than the colder months of the year. Increased people at home during summer months usually results in more dishes to be done, more showers, and more laundry. This can stress a hot water heater out, causing leaks or even it ceasing to function. If the tank is leaking, be sure to shut the water valve off, if possible. Then, call a professional plumber. Even in the hottest of New Jersey summers, ice-cold showers are no fun.

Drain backups. More debris tends to find its way down sink drains in the summertime, and even disposals can't manage some of it. This causes many of the drain backups seen in the summer. Add to this the fact that most tree root blockages also happen in the hottest months of summer and can also cause backups into sinks and tubs. While a plunger might be a quick fix to this issue, it's important to identify the underlying cause.

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