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Need a New Water Heater? Browse Our Quick Buying Guide

Whether your old water heater has given up or simply needs an update, a new water heater provides peace of mind that you won’t be without hot water this winter. If you’re in the market for a new water heater, learn about the different types of water heaters available.

Tankless Water Heaters

Unlike traditional storage tank water heaters, tankless water heaters do not need to store water to heat it. Instead, cold water travels through the water heater, where it is heated by internal elements (either gas or electric) before the hot water is dispensed. Two or more tankless water heaters can be installed next to each other to improve output as each tank only puts out up to five gallons of hot water per minute.

Storage Tank Water Heaters

Conventional, or storage, water heaters are large enough to contain anywhere from 20-80 gallons of hot water. Storage water heaters’ fuel source varies as it may be gas, electric, or propane-powered. Other than determining the correct capacity for your needs, a major drawback with storage water heaters is the fact that they can waste energy (which increases your energy costs) while in standby mode. Certain types of storage water heaters may also waste energy through venting issues.

Energy Efficient Water Heaters

About 1/8th of a home’s energy costs come from water heater use. If the driving force behind your purchase is affordability, look for a water heater with a high energy star rating that is still within your budget. Because a water heater is a long-term investment (it should last you ten or more years), you want to make sure you’re not simply trading today’s discount for higher energy bills in the future.

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