Residential Septic System Installation in Midland Park, NJ

Avoid health risks and environmental damage with your own small-scale sewage treatment system.

A septic tank system is a time-tested sewage solution – in fact, it is your very own waste treatment plant if your home or business cannot be connected to the main municipal sewer lines.

At Mr. Rooter® Plumbing, our team of septic installation experts guarantees fast and reliable septic tank installation that is designed to handle your anticipated waste load. We always make sure your soil is suitable for the absorption of sewage before any work begins, and our construction meets all local and state standards.

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Your septic tank system – a 2-part safeguard against harmful contaminants:

  • A septic tank is an underground watertight container, almost always made of concrete, that is built to receive raw sewage. It retains the liquid portion for approximately 24 hours, allowing natural processes to begin treating the sewage.
  • A tile absorption field (or nitrification field) consists of a system of gravel or crushed stone-filled trenches containing jointed tile or perforated pipes that receive liquid sewage from the septic tank. Perhaps the most critical part of the septic system, the absorption field distributes semi-treated liquid into the soil for a final biological breakdown.

The tank has three functions:

  • It acts as a settling chamber to allow waste solids to separate to the bottom.
  • It serves as a digestion chamber to facilitate natural biological treatment.
  • It functions like a storage vault for solid waste until it can be removed.

Remember: The state of New Jersey recommends septic tank pumping every 3 – 5 years to ensure your system is operating properly and the prevention of groundwater contamination.

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