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The drains in your home or business are where the first sign of a potentially costly problem is going to show up. If your water is running slowly anywhere in your home or business, you know you’re in trouble. If you’re taking a shower and you have water around your ankles, if your toilet is gurgling ominously when you flush it, or if your garbage disposal sounds like it’s destroying a golf ball when you turn it on – call Mr. Rooter as soon as possible! Our master technicians can quickly diagnose and fix your issue at the very beginning – before it gets worse. At Mr. Rooter we can confidently guarantee that the problem will be taken care of, and make sure that future problems won’t happen! We’re here for you every day of the year, round the clock, and emergencies are our specialty!

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If you have a drain problem you really should call Mr. Rooter immediately, but many people want to try the DIY method first; after all, how hard can it be? But if you do, you should be aware that the drain cleaners you buy yourself are dangerous and corrosive to certain pipes, and you may have no idea what kind of pipes you have, especially in an older home. Of course there’s the good old plunger and elbow grease method, but that only works when the clog is at the very beginning of the pipe, and by the time you notice slowing or standing water, the clog has often already started to take over in places that you can’t reach. It may have extended up behind a wall or under the floor. And finally, in some rare occasions, the clog or drainage problem is completely outside your home and out of your control. It’s being caused by root intrusion into your drainage system, and that can cause the cracked or misaligned pipes that are backing up your system, even if you haven’t put anything down your drains that you shouldn’t. This is a major issue that needs a top-notch plumber with the right equipment to pinpoint the problem and get it taken care of, and that’s just what Mr. Rooter's drain cleaning services can provide!

There are an extraordinary number of drains in today’s homes; sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets, garbage disposals, dishwashers, washing machines, and – notably in Central Oregon’s flood zone – the all-important basement floor drain designed to save your home should a flood occur. Every single one of those fixtures has a unique kind of drain and everyone is different and performs their function in a different way. Add to that the number of various models and types of drains and plumbing systems available today – and the need for a master plumber who has both the specialized equipment and knowledge to clean or repair your drains is obvious. At Mr. Rooter our plumbing technicians have been trained to diagnose the problem no matter what kind of drain you have, even if it’s outdated, and they’ve got the specialized equipment to fix it and fix it quickly! Instead of relying on older methods of “troubleshooting” a drain or pipe problem, Mr. Rooter has video camera plumbing technologies that will show them where the issue is, so they can use non-invasive equipment to break up the clogs inside the pipe, rather than breaking through your wall or floor!

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