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What to Do If a Pipe Bursts

A burst pipe is an issue you should resolve immediately. Fixing a burst your plumbing issue right away protects your property, extends your plumbing system's longevity and saves you money. Learn more about how to recognize this problem and what you should do next to minimize the damage.

Signs of a Burst Pipe

When you quickly locate and address a broken water pipe, you'll reduce repair costs and prevent more complex issues. Check for common signs like:

  • Puddles: Look for puddles near and around the affected area. Water can move through walls, pooling in numerous locations.
  • Lower water pressure and higher utility bills: Water flows through any holes in your plumbing instead of your faucets, lowering the water pressure and increasing the amount of liquid you use.
  • Wall stains: Stains can be a clear indicator of bursting pipes. Check your walls and ceilings for large stains — they'll help you pinpoint the exact problem area.

What to do When You Suspect a Burst Pipe

Hiring an expert ensures effective, reliable and thorough results. However, acting immediately can save you time and money. While you should leave repairs to a licensed and insured plumbing professional, take these steps to prepare for their arrival:

  • Turn off your water supply: Shutting off your water supply stops more fluid from entering and worsening the damage. You'll find your main valve in your basement, near your water heater, in a crawl space or outside on your property.
  • Drain your faucets: Drain your faucets and flush all toilets to relieve your plumbing system and reduce leakage. Start with cold sources to prevent freezing, then turn off your heating system and release water from hot taps.
  • Find the broken pipe: You can locate the burst to expedite the repair process. Be careful while looking for wall stains, bulging ceilings and other indications of water damage.
  • Let warm air in: After draining your taps, turn your heat back on or use a hairdryer to warm your pipes. This gradual process protects plumbing against further damage without making sudden temperature changes.
  • Clean up: Dry excess liquid from affected locations — including carpets and furniture — to prevent long-term problems like mold and mildew.

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