Backflow Prevention Testing in Rochester, NY

Backflow is when water flows in the opposite direction than intended. It is the reverse of what is supposed to happen. This causes contamination of potable water (for example, drinking water) in a plumbing system. Backflow prevention helps to keep the water that you drink clean and free of odors and debris.

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A backflow preventer helps keep water flowing in the correct direction. It siphons into a potable water supply. Potable water just means that the water is safe for consumption. It is the opposite of non-potable water, which is unexamined, unsafe water. Backflow preventers are helpful for use in things like sprinkler systems, handheld showers, pullout faucet spouts, and kitchen sprayers. A backflow preventer doesn’t just have to be an apparatus. It can also be an air gap. An air gap can be a physical barrier against backflow. It helps control contamination from cross-connection.

Cross-connection is where a private and public water system meets. When working correctly, it is how a consumer gets their water. The problem comes when mistakes or malfunctions on a consumer’s part of the system affect the rest of the system. When backflow gets into a public water system, it has the potential to harm other people in your community.

Back pressure backflow is another problem that can occur in a plumbing system. Back pressure is a force that pushes fluid in the opposite direction in a system of pipes. In essence, backpressure is one of the causes of backflow.

Back siphonage is the opposite of back pressure. The back siphonage pulls the water. Backpressure pushes the water. If it’s not clear yet, back siphonage can be likened to a vacuum and backpressure can be likened to a snow blower.

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