Rochester Tree Root Removal

It doesn’t matter if tree roots are right next to your house or a couple hundred feet away, the damage that they can potentially cause is severe. Tree roots can grow alongside your pipes, just waiting to pounce once they find an entrance to the water source.

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Old or cracked pipes are especially prone to tree root intrusion. This is because the roots already have an entrance to the water that they seek in order to help the tree grow. Tree root intrusion causes breaks and blockages in your piping system.

Tree root intrusion is a common problem. Tree roots break into sewer and water lines and impede water and sewage flow. This causes further damage to your pipes, but also triggers backups and flooding in the drains, sinks and toilets around your home.

One symptom of pipe problems due to tree root intrusion is when your tub doesn’t drain in a swirling manner. This could be a sign that flooding is coming your way soon. Taking action by calling Mr. Rooter® as soon as possible is the best thing you can do to make sure that you don’t have a catastrophe on your hands.

One way that Mr. Rooter’s sewer and water line experts work to get your pipes back to normal is by using a root-cutting blade to clear out pipes. One of our plumbers may do a video camera inspection in order to see what is causing the problem. You’ll be amazed at our world class customer service and friendly plumbing professionals in Rochester, Greece, and Irondequoit.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rochester’s top-notch plumbers are ready to access your tree root intrusion and remove those pesky tree roots from your water or sewage lines. We will also help you avoid potential harm from tree roots growing near your pipe, which could be a source of future distress.

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