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Toilet Repair Services in Rochester, NY

Toilet Repair skills are not necessarily exciting, but they sure come in handy when your toilet malfunctions. If your toilet acts up and you don’t know how to fix it you could be in real trouble. You should be able to identify these standard parts before attempting a toilet repair.

The Diaphragm Actuator is the toilet handle. The Auto Leveling Assembly is known as the float ball. This causes the water control diaphragm to seal when the water in the tank reaches a specific level. The Water Control Device is also called a fill valve. It monitors the amount of water feeding into the tank. Tank overflow assembly exists to siphon off excess water in the tank if the fill valve fails. The Water control diaphragm closes over the outlet when a measured amount of water has been released to the bowl to prevent the toilet from continuously filling. Washdown orifices are toilet jets that allow water to flow into the bowl from the tank. Jets help to create the swirling action necessary to clean the bowl with each flush. The fixture gasket is a toilet wax ring used to seal the toilet to the floor flange to prevent leakage and instability. The floor flange connects the toilet to the sewer pipe leading to the outside of the home.

Here is some handy information for any homeowner to know:

Your toilet has two assemblies that operate together to control the flow of water in the toilet. Over time, sediment from the water can cause these assemblies to mal-function. Occasional cleaning around the outlet to remove debris can prevent premature failure of these parts. First, before attempting a toilet repair or maintenance you should know how to shut off the water. The shut off is usually located behind the toilet (emergency shut off valve) towards the floor. Next, flush the toilet to remove the water from the tank. Lift the rubber gasket (water control diaphragm) that covers the hole exiting the tank to the bowl. Using a sponge or cloth wipe around the outlet to remove debris. Once it’s clean, reset the rubber gasket to seal over the outlet. Turn water back on to the toilet to allow the tank to fill. Once the water shuts off, place the lid back on the tank.

Following this process works for simple toilet repairs. Unfortunately, not all toilet repairs are simple. There are more advanced features to every toilet and improper installation of any of these parts could lead to flooding or water damage. Stoppages often are only a symptom to a larger problem and should be serviced by a professional.

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If you don’t feel confident about attempting the repair yourself, call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rochester. Toilet repairs are not always an easy task but the professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing can make the necessary repairs, giving you confidence that your water system is operating properly. Request an appointment today!