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There are three hoses connected to your washing machine. They are the hot water hose, the cold water hose, and the drain hose.

The hot water hose brings water through the water heater and into the washing machine for washing your white laundry. Make sure you separate your whites from the dark and colored clothing so that the bleach that you use in your white load of laundry doesn’t ruin your dark and colored clothing.

The cold water hose bypasses the water heater. It is used for washing dark clothing so that the pigment does not fade.

Warm water combines water from both the hot and cold water hoses. Warm water is used to wash colored laundry. Using hot water to wash your colored laundry could cause the colors to bleed.

The temperature of your water is very important keeping your clothes as clean and bright as the day you bought them. Every piece of clothing is different and you deserve to be able to rock your stylish outfits for as long as you’d like.

One of the easiest ways to cause a flood is with a clogged or damaged drain hose/ discharge hose. A flood in your laundry room could mean leakage into the basement. Flooding is even more of a problem if your laundry machine is located on a higher floor. To avoid flooding, make sure your older hoses don’t have cracks or leaks. If they do have cracks or leaks, you know where to go. Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rochester at to replace or repair your washer lines in Rochester, Greece, and Irondequoit.

Don’t let bad washer lines be the one thing that keeps you from like-new laundry and a clean laundry room. You can rest easy knowing that Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rochester uses quality water supply hoses and drain connects. We will perform the best hookup possible so that you don’t run into future problems. Request an appointment today to experience our 24-hour plumbing for yourself. You can even do it right from your smartphone on our mobile website!

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