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This diagram illustrates the main parts of your tub or shower. Water flows past the emergency shutoff valves. Next, it goes into the tub or shower valve and moves through either the shower arm to the shower head or out of the tub spout. Finally, the water flows out to the sewer lines via the drain and P Trap.

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parts of a shower

We can fix leaky showerheads without delay. Our plumbers can tailor high or low water pressure to fit your needs. Mr. Rooter® offers complete services for all your shower and bathtub plumbing requests with no overtime charges and 24-hour availability.

Clogged drain? Not a problem. We can unclog the drain in your bathtub or shower in no time. We offer fast service by courteous and professional plumbers who care about the quality of your bathtub or shower. There’s a reason they call us Mr.®

The main parts of your tub or shower are much like those in a sink.

Potable, pressurized water is pumped through a water meter and separated into hot and cold pipes. While the warm water is heated, the cold water takes a detour around the water heater. The hot and cold water lines combine in the pipes leading to the showerhead or the tub spout. As you adjust the hot and cold knobs to get the perfect temperature.

When water leaves the shower, it goes down the drain. Next, it flows into the P trap, which is the relative minimum of the pipe system. This is where more solid things that pass through the drain collect. Then, the water flows out to the sewer lines and to the city sewer.

Mr. Rooter’s courteous plumbers can help with your water heater replacement and water heater repair needs. We work with gas water heaters and electric water heaters. Getting a new water heater is a good idea since it is one of the main users of gas or electricity in your house. A gas water heater is usually cheaper, whereas an electric water heater is more energy efficient. We also work with conventional tank water heaters and tankless water heaters. A tankless water heater is more expensive up front, but in the long run, it will reduce your energy consumption. Conventional tank water heaters can also be very efficient, depending on the characteristics of the tank. Factors such as size, brand, and type of fuel used affect the efficiency of the water heater.

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