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We Offer Fast, No-Mess Residential Sewer Line Repair

When you have a problem with your home's sewer line, you want a fast, reliable solution. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Central Coast, we have decades of experience in residential sewer line repair in Arroyo Grande, CA. Our trenchless sewer line repair solutions are no-mess and don't require us to dig up your yard or take down walls to get to your pipes. Instead, we use an innovative video plumbing inspection to find the location, cause, and extent of your sewer line problem. We then determine which minimally invasive main sewer line repair or sewer line replacement technique will work best. If you see warning signs that you need residential sewer line repair, call our 24/7 live answering service or schedule an appointment. We also offer job estimates online through our website so you can find out the cost for main sewer line replacement.

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Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair

Being aware of the warning signs that you need sewer line repair will make the repairs easier, faster, and more cost-effective. If you notice any of these signs that you need sewer line repair, call us right away:

  • Your toilet is clogged along with one or more other drains in your home
  • Your toilet keeps backing up or overflowing
  • You find wastewater or dirty, smelly water backing up into your shower drain or toilet
  • You smell sewer odors coming from your drain or around the inside or outside of your home
  • Your drains make a strange bubbling or gurgling noise, especially when you use the dishwasher or washing machine
  • You keep finding pools of water around drains, particularly the basement drains or garage floor drain
  • There are unexplained puddles, patches of mud, or soft spots in your yard
  • There are pools of dirty, smelly water in your yard with algae growing in them
  • Green grass is suddenly growing in an area of your yard where it has never grown before
  • You’re finding more pests in your home, like insects, roaches, and rodents
  • Your home is more humid than usual, or you find condensation or mold growth on the walls

Why You Have Sewer Line Problems

There are many different causes for sewer line problems. When you call us for main sewer line repair, we'll do a video inspection of your sewer line to determine what is causing your sewer line damage. The most common causes of sewer line problems are:

  • A sewer pipe break or rupture due to corrosion, leaking joints, old age, heavy traffic or construction, erosion, or earthquakes
  • Sagging sewer lines
  • Sewer line damage due to the ground freezing and thawing repeatedly
  • Tree roots that have grown down into the sewer line, causing a clog or breaking the pipes
  • Flushing debris down the toilet, such as paper towels, baby wipes, makeup removing wipes, tampons, and other trash
  • Frequently pouring grease, oil, fats, or paint down the drain
  • A poorly installed or designed sewer line
  • A backup from the municipal sewer line
  • Lack of sewer line maintenance

Our Trenchless Main Sewer Line Repair

We offer advanced sewer line repair solutions that don’t require us to tear up your lawn or demolish walls or flooring. Once we have completed a plumbing video inspection of your sewer line, we can determine which of the following trenchless main sewer line repairs you need:

  • Relining your pipes - We first clean your drains and break up the clog. Then we can use a simple pipe relining process to seal cracks, breaks, and leaks from the inside out. We thread a sleeve through the pipes, and when it hardens, it seals and repairs the pipe.
  • Replacing your pipes - If your pipes are too damaged for cleaning and pipe relining, we can install a new sewer pipe without digging up your yard. We first use hydraulics to break apart the damaged pipe to make room for the new one. Then we seamlessly pull a new sewer pipe in where the old one used to be.

Once we have completed sewer line repairs, we recommend our customers schedule routine sewer line maintenance. Preventive maintenance can reduce your risk of another sewer line breaking or clogging and prevent a sewer system backup. We offer an Advantage Plan that allows our customers to schedule sewer line inspections, drain cleaning, and sewer line repairs.

What Happens When You Need Main Sewer Line Replacement

If your pipes are too damaged for sewer line repair, we will suggest a main sewer line replacement. We will thoroughly explain our sewer line replacement process so you know exactly how we'll replace your sewer line, how long it will take, and an estimate of the cost. We will only recommend sewer line replacement if it is necessary because we want to help our customers save money. We offer trenchless sewer line replacement, so we can complete the job quickly and easily with minimal disruption to your home life.

Call for Residential Sewer Line Repair in Arroyo Grande, CA

If you've noticed warning signs that you need residential sewer line repair, call us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Central Coast. We can quickly complete a sewer line inspection and repairs so you and your family can be comfortable in your home again. Call our 24/ live answering service or request a job estimate online for sewer line repair in Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, and Santa Maria, CA.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement FAQs

A sewer line issue can seem overwhelming, so we are here to take care of you. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of the Central Coast offers sewer line repair and replacement services in Santa Maria, CA. We understand you may have questions about our process. We help you make informed decisions about your sewer line to ensure it works correctly. A sewer backup can be messy and unsanitary. Our team is here to help you understand what happens when your sewer line needs a repair or replacement. Contact us if you have further questions.

What Causes Sewer Line Damage? 

Sewer line damage may happen over time without anyone realizing it. It’s important to know the signs you may have a sewer line problem. Some of the most common causes of sewer line damage include the following:

  • Earth movement from nearby construction or weather changes
  • Tree root intrusion from roots growing into the pipes
  • Foreign objects stuck in the pipes
  • Buildup of scale, hair, toothpaste, oils, and greases
  • Corroded pipes due to aging

How Do I Know If I Have a Sewer Line Issue?

It's essential to contact us as soon as you notice any unusual plumbing issues. We will address the problem and find a fast solution. If sewer line problems aren’t addressed quickly, your home is at risk for water damage and an unsanitary environment. Some of the most common signs of sewer line issues include the following:

  • Unusual wet places on your lawn
  • Sewage smell in drains or around the property
  • Sewage backup in your home
  • Gurgling sounds when running plumbing components
  • Slow-moving drains

How Do You Know if I Need a Sewer Line Repair?

Our service professionals use plumbing video camera inspection equipment to determine the location and severity of your sewer line issue. Our experienced team will address the need for sewer line repair or a sewer line replacement. We use innovative plumbing methods to perform sewer line repairs or replacement services.

What Is HydroScrub® Jetting?

If we locate a challenging clog in your sewer line, we often use hydro jetting techniques to blast it away. Hydro jetting involves highly pressurized water up to 3,500 psi. It can clear challenging clogs to let your water flow freely.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Sewer Line Repairs? 

Sewer line repair coverage depends on your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover sewer line repair or replacement services. Many companies offer secondary or supplemental insurance policies that will cover sewer line-related costs. It’s vital to read the fine print of any policy before purchasing it.

Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Central Coast

We understand replacing a sewer line is a significant project for your home. Our team will help you understand our process. We always offer estimates on our plumbing services. Since no two sewer line replacements are the same, the overall cost of sewer line replacement depends on the severity of the job and the total length of the line. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Central Coast is here to answer your questions and help you make informed decisions about sewer line repairs and replacements. Contact us today to schedule sewer line repair or replacement services for your home.

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