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Have you ever called a plumber to your home, been told a time they would show up, and then had to wait hours and hours? Or have you invited a plumber inside and they brought the outside in by tracking mud and dirt on their shoes? If you’re tired of not knowing if you can trust the plumbers you invite into your home to do a good job, then make the switch to Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Wilmington today.

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The foundation of our company has been built upon our dedication to 100% customer satisfaction for each and every residential plumbing service. Using quality tools and plumbing methods, we can perform repairs, maintenance, and installations with ease. Perhaps best of all, we can complete any job without making a mess and with the utmost respect for you and your home. When we are done with a home plumbing service, it is our goal for you to be so happy that you’ll want to tell your neighbors about us.

Popular Home Plumbing Services

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We could write a novel about all of the plumbing services we offer to homeowners in Wilmington. Thanks to our extensive industry training, we can handle pretty much any plumbing issue that can strike your home.

However, there are a few plumbing services that stand out as some of our most common:

  • Drain cleaning: Is there a drain in your home that takes a little too long – or way too long – to actually drain away water? Stop letting it frustrate you whenever you use it. Instead, call on us to get it cleaned professionally. Bad blockages stand no match to our HydroScrub® jetting technology.
  • Pipe repair: Broken, leaky, frozen, and rusted pipes are a common problem among most homes, especially frozen pipes during the dead of winter. It is only natural for the passage of time to start to take a toll on pipework. If you have noticed your water bills going up or a water stain forming in your home, you should arrange a leak detection and repair service from our team.
  • Sewer line repair: A damaged sewer line could cause hazardous wastewater to backflow into your potable water or overflow out of toilets and other drains. The situation is enough to literally make you sick! Protect your health and that of your family by using our emergency plumbing repair services, including sewer line work.
  • Water heater installation: To end your day the right way, a hot shower is a great choice. If your water heater has been struggling to heat your water or to provide enough hot water to last a full shower, then it might be time to get a new, upgraded water heater installed. Our experts can even install state-of-the-art tankless water heaters.

Water Heater

What Usually Causes a Drain Clog?

On the topic of common plumbing issues our Wilmington home plumbers handle, drain clogs are definitely at or near the top of the list. Why do we get called out for so many drain-cleaning jobs, though? What is winding up down drains so frequently that shouldn’t be there?

The usual drain clog culprits in a residential plumbing system are:

  • Hair: Showering and rinsing your hair frequently is a necessity that can wreak havoc on your shower drain. A hair catch can help stop most of the hair from going down the drain, but, eventually, you will likely need a drain cleaning service.
  • Soap scum: Body soaps, hand soaps, bath bombs, and dish soaps can also contribute to a clog by causing soap scum to accumulate down the drain. Bar soap and bath bombs are usually the greatest clog offender, especially if the bath bomb contains more than just oils and salts.
  • Incorrect foods: Not all food can go down a garbage disposal. You should not be putting eggshells, stringy vegetables, most pasta, coffee grounds, and grease or oil down there, to only name a few.
  • Food packaging: When in the middle of cooking, it can be tempting to use the sink as a trashcan and toss whatever you want down there. Don’t do this, though. Little bits of paper and plastic can be enough to stick to the inside of the drain and start a clog.
  • Menstrual hygiene products: Please remember that any menstrual hygiene product should be disposed of using a trashcan, not a toilet. Some of these products even market themselves as “flushable” but, as most any plumber will tell you, this is not true.A soap bomb before causing a soap scum build up down the drain

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Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Wilmington doesn’t see you as a customer first, but rather a neighbor in need. We strive to deliver expert residential plumbing work atop genuinely friendly and caring attitudes. Your plumber won’t be satisfied with a job unless you are because we believe that’s the correct and only approach to offering the best possible plumbing services.

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