Residential Drain Cleaning in Baltimore, MD

Professional, Speedy Drain Cleaning Services

If you have more than one clogged drain or a clogged drain you can’t clear with a drain cleaner and a plunger, it’s time to call in a professional. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Baltimore, we offer fast, thorough residential drain cleaning in Baltimore, MD, so you can get back to your regular household routine. If you haven’t been able to wash dishes, clean, do laundry, or shower because of a clogged drain, call our 24/7 live answering service to schedule an appointment. We’ll send a service technician to your home as soon as possible for professional drain cleaning, and we can quickly determine the underlying cause of your clogged drains. Don’t let clogged drains inconvenience you or cause corrosion or breakage to your plumbing. Call us today or schedule an appointment online.

Mr. Rooter plumbing Signs of a Clogged Drain

Clogged Drains We Clean

Our drain cleaning services can clear clogs from any type of residential drain. If you have any of the following clogged drains, call us today for speedy drain cleaning:

  • Kitchen - A clogged kitchen drain could be due to fats, grease, oil, or food residue. We can quickly clear the clog and prevent future blockages so you can use your kitchen sink again.
  • Bathroom - Bathroom clogs can happen when toilet paper residue, toothpaste, soap scum, hair, and grime combine to cause stubborn blockage. If you have a clogged bathroom sink or a clogged shower drain or bathtub drain, we can get it flowing freely again.
  • Utility Room, Basement, or Laundry Room - Your basement, utility room, or laundry room drain can become blocked due to dirt, laundry soap, debris, and other sludge. This can cause flooding and water damage when left unattended. We can clear clogged drains so you can use your sink and washing machine once again.
  • Sewer - A clogged sewer drain can cause a sewer system backup or sewer pipe breakage. We use pressurized water, a plumbing rooter, and drain cleaning to clear clogged sewer drains.

Mr. Rooter plumber runs water in sink after drain cleaning

How to Tell if You Need Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains may become noticeable before they become an expensive problem. If you notice any of these early warning signs of a clogged drain, call us today for residential drain cleaning:

  • Your sink is filling with water and won’t drain or drains slowly
  • The bottom of your tub or shower is coated in soap scum or residue from a slow drain
  • Dirty water is backing up into your sink, toilet, shower, or tub
  • You smell sewer odors in or around your home
  • Your drains smell musty or like rotting food
  • Your water bills have increased suddenly
  • There is standing water in your sink, shower, or tub
  • You keep finding pools of water near plumbing fixtures
  • You hear gurgling sounds or see air bubbles when you use faucets
  • Your toilet overflows or clogs frequently
  • You are unable to clear drain clogs yourself with drain cleaner and a plunger

Why Use Our Drain Cleaning Services?

When you call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Baltimore for professional drain cleaning services, you are getting experienced, courteous service professionals. We always show up on time, in uniform, and in a branded company vehicle so you have no doubts about who you’re letting into your home. We have decades of experience in drain cleaning and will clear clogged drains quickly with minimal inconvenience to you. We are always upfront about our pricing and will never try to get you to purchase a product or service you don’t need or can’t afford. All our parts and workmanship are guaranteed.

Looking for Drain Cleaning Services in Baltimore, MD?

Do you need professional drain cleaning services in Baltimore, Cockeysville, or Catonsville, MD? Call our 24/7 live answering service or schedule an appointment online. We know our customers are busy, so we make it as easy as possible to schedule service appointments. You can also request a job estimate online so you know the upfront cost of drain cleaning services. Because we believe preventative plumbing maintenance can reduce your risk of more serious plumbing problems, we offer an Advantage Plan. This makes it easier for our customers to schedule plumbing services like inspections, drain cleaning, and plumbing repairs. To learn more about our drain cleaning services, request a job estimate online.

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