It never occurs to us to think about how often we use our plumbing system throughout the day – until it stops working. Everything from washing laundry in your home to having a glass of water at your office requires a properly functioning plumbing system. When there is a breakdown in your system, the impact can be stressful and, if you don’t have the right plumber … expensive! Mr. Rooter of Greenbrae is proud to provide high-quality and cost-effective residential and commercial plumbing services. No job is too big or too small! Our team will always provide you with a written estimate before starting work and you will never be charged an overtime fee – no matter what time of day it is! We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service every step of the way. You can trust that when you’re working with Mr. Rooter of Greenbrae, you’re in good hands!

Mr. Rooter technician greeting customer at front door.

Local Residential Plumbers

There are many components of your residential plumbing system and they are all linked together. If one section fails it should be addressed quickly as it can have an impact on the rest of the system. Everything from your water heater to your kitchen, bathroom, and floor drains all work together to support your daily activities. The team at Mr. Rooter of Fairfax has the training and the experience necessary to effectively recognize the intricacies of your residential plumbing system. We are proud to not only repair and provide maintenance, but also to install various plumbing appliances. Our highly-trained plumbing team will provide courteous and clean service in your home and leave the work area as tidy as they found it.

Expert Commercial Plumbing Contractors

As business owners ourselves Mr. Rooter of Greenbrae understands the importance of having all areas of business running in tip-top shape – that includes the plumbing! When there is a break down in your plumbing system not only can it disrupt the daily operations but, it can also have a negative impact your bottom line. With exceptional customer service and training our team will arrive at your place of business with the right tools to address your plumbing problem quickly. Not only do we provide speedy commercial plumbing repair services, we can also install and provide maintenance to all of your appliances and fixtures ensuring that all work is done in compliance with applicable codes. Your business is in good hands when you’re working with the highly-trained team at Mr. Rooter of Greenbrae

Emergency On-Call Plumbing Technicians

A plumbing emergency is always stressful – and happens always when you least expect it. Trying to think fast in the moment can be difficult when there is water spewing all over your floor and furniture, or there is hazardous waste backing up in your drain. That is why you should always have the phone number for Mr. Rooter of Greenbrae on hand! Our team of professional and courteous plumbers are proud to provide emergency plumbing services throughout Greenbrae. We have the training and the skills to diffuse the situation by efficiently locating the issue and repairing it. You can trust Mr. Rooter of Greenbrae to expertly address your plumbing emergency without charging an overtime fee – no matter what time of day it is!


Are tough clogs slowing down life in your home? Slow draining is your plumbing system's way of flagging your attention. Neglect it, and you may be looking at stoppages and backups. Rest assured, the experts at Mr. Rooter can quickly eliminate even the toughest clogs. Mr. Rooter has you covered, with solutions such as BioChoiceES® green drain cleaner, HydroScrub® cleaning technology, tree root removal, trenchless repair technology, and more.

If you’ve got a backup in the sink, toilet, or shower, there’s no need to be late for work or get your shoes wet. Call Mr. Rooter instead. If your office break room has a backed-up sink, you need it fixed quickly for employee convenience and health reasons. Just alert Mr. Rooter and we’ll be right over. We are confident that we will become your go-to plumber for all your home and business-related plumbing needs.


Unnoticed leaks in your plumbing can cost you through high energy and water bills as well as property damage. To prevent wood rot and mold, and keep your utility bills in line, check around your home on a regular basis. Look in likely places for pipe leaks, such as inside cabinetry, in the laundry room or basement. Our local climate can wreak havoc on pipes after many freeze and thaw cycles and due to ground settling. Get help before those annoying tiny drips turn into a flood—call Mr. Rooter.