The team at Mr. Rooter of San Anselmo has years of experience in the plumbing industry. We are a full-service plumbing company providing installation, repair, and maintenance of all types of commercial and residential plumbing systems. Our team prides themselves on consistently providing exceptional customer service and the highest-quality workmanship. Mr. Rooter wants to be your chosen plumber for years to come. No matter what your plumbing needs are, we can help!

Mr. Rooter technician and customer browsing through a brochure.

Residential Plumbing Services

Whether you have a shower drain that is clogged, you need a toilet installed, or a complete remodel of your kitchen, Mr. Rooter has the experience and the tools to get the job done. Our highly-trained plumbers are dedicated to completing all types of residential plumbing needs efficiently, effectively, and with care. When you trust your residential plumbing needs to Mr. Rooter, you are working with the best!

Commercial Plumbing Contractors

The complexities of a commercial plumbing system shouldn’t be trusted to just any plumber. It takes a specially-trained and highly-experience plumber to know the applicable codes and regulations. Not to mention that commercial plumbing systems are much larger and more complicated than residential systems. At Mr. Rooter our team of skilled plumbers can easily handle all types of commercial plumbing needs. Whether you need a maintenance inspection to confirm that your system is up to code and working properly, or you have old fixtures that you would like switched out for newer more energy-efficient ones, the team at Mr. Rooter of San Anselmo is ready to help!

24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Repair

Whether you have frozen pipes, your water heater isn’t working, or your shower drain is backing up, plumbing emergencies are stressful! The team at Mr. Rooter is dedicated to alleviating that stress by providing exceptional and speedy repair for all of your emergency plumbing needs. We understand that you have better things to do than worry about a plumbing malfunction – that’s our job! And, with years of experience and training, we take our job seriously and do it with integrity. You can trust that when you call Mr. Rooter of San Anselmo for help with your plumbing emergency, we will arrive at your job site quickly and with the tools and the know-how to locate and repair the problem.


Are tough clogs slowing down life in your home? Slow draining is your plumbing system's way of flagging your attention. Neglect it, and you may be looking at stoppages and backups. Rest assured, the experts at Mr. Rooter can quickly eliminate even the toughest clogs. Mr. Rooter has you covered, with solutions such as BioChoiceES® green drain cleaner, HydroScrub® cleaning technology, tree root removal, trenchless repair technology, and more.


If you’ve got a backup in the sink, toilet, or shower, there’s no need to be late for work or get your shoes wet. Call Mr. Rooter instead. If your office break room has a backed-up sink, you need it fixed quickly for employee convenience and health reasons. Just alert Mr. Rooter and we’ll be right over. We are confident that we will become your go-to plumber for all your home and business-related plumbing needs.


Unnoticed leaks in your plumbing can cost you through high energy and water bills as well as property damage. To prevent wood rot and mold, and keep your utility bills in line, check around your home on a regular basis. Look in likely places for pipe leaks, such as inside cabinetry, in the laundry room or basement. Our local climate can wreak havoc on pipes after many freeze and thaw cycles and due to ground settling. Get help before those annoying tiny drips turn into a flood—call Mr. Rooter.