Mr. Rooter of Larkspur is proud to manage all of your residential and commercial plumbing needs. Our services range from clog removal and drain repair to complete installation of plumbing appliances. Our highly-trained and knowledgeable staff are proud to provide exceptional customer service and top-quality services. When you work with Mr. Rooter of Larkspur you can trust that you are working with the best in the industry!

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Dedicated & Friendly Residential Plumbing Service

When you use Mr. Rooter of Larkspur for your residential plumbing needs you can trust that you are working with highly-trained professional plumbers. We have the skills and the know-how to assess all types of residential plumbing issues. Our plumbers are skilled at providing repair, maintenance and installation services for any part of your plumbing system. At Mr. Rooter of Larkspur, we understand how stressful a plumbing break down can be and we work to address the problem while keeping the impact on you and your family to a minimum.

Experienced Commercial Plumbing Contractors

Most businesses need a plumber that specializes in commercial plumbing techniques and codes. Commercial plumbing systems are far more complex than residential systems, the plumbing team at Mr. Rooter of Larkspur has the special training and sophisticated experience of commercial plumbing systems ensuring that the work they perform at your business is done accurately and compliant with all applicable codes.

24 Hour Emergency Plumbing

Until you have an emergency plumbing situation, you probably don’t think about who to call. But, when something unexpected happens with your plumbing it’s important to have a reliable and honest plumber on standby. Mr. Rooter of Larkspur is proud to provide exceptional customer service and top-notch repairs to all of our customers. Plumbing emergencies are never planned for, but you can plan for who you’re going to call if something does happen. Mr. Rooter of Larkspur will arrive to your location on time and will quickly locate your trouble and repair it. You will never be charged an overtime fee, regardless of the time of day!


Clogs are a serious issue. They can signal that bigger plumbing problems are on the way, so contact Mr. Rooter while the problem is small. When the clog is confined to just one drain, it can be a quick and simple fix. There may be clogs and pipe blockages further in your plumbing, sewer or septic systems, just waiting to happen where they can become more destructive, difficult, and expensive problems to deal with. Just call today and Mr. Rooter will be there quickly.


If you’ve got a backup in the sink, toilet, or shower, there’s no need to be late for work or get your shoes wet. Call Mr. Rooter instead. If your office break room has a backed-up sink, you need it fixed quickly for employee convenience and health reasons. Just alert Mr. Rooter and we’ll be right over. We are confident that we will become your go-to plumber for all your home and business-related plumbing needs.


Leaky faucets, toilets, and pipes can be extremely damaging to your home, potentially rotting the structure from mold and mildew issues, and racking up large utility bills. Whether your toilet is running you ragged or your pipes have sprung a leak, count on the professionals at Mr. Rooter for fast, quality, repair and re-piping. Want to prevent future problems? Ask about a Mr. Rooter preventive maintenance plan for regular inspections, maintenance, troubleshooting, discounts, and more.