Finding a plumber that you can trust can be difficult. When you have a plumbing need at your home or office, you want to make sure the plumber you choose has the skills and experience to effectively address your issue. When your plumbing system breaks down it can cause stress and frustration, having a plumber who understands this and works to mediate your concern is important. Mr. Rooter of Kentfield is proud to be the preferred choice for the residents and business owners of Kentfield. When you need high-quality residential or commercial plumbing services, you can trust the trained and experienced plumbing team at Mr. Rooter of Kentfield. We will always provide you with an estimate before the work is started and you will never pay an overtime charge.

Mr. Rooter technician and customers standing at kitchen sink.

Residential Plumbing Service & Repair

Eventually, all plumbing systems develop a blockage or clog. But, when it does happen it can be the most inconvenient and messy experience. Mr. Rooter of Kentfield has the skills and the training to effectively repair any residential plumbing needs that you have. We understand how stressful a plumbing problem can be and our team will work to diagnose and fix your problem while minimizing the impact on the rest of your house. We will safely and accurately work to get your plumbing system back to proper working order and will leave the work area as clean and orderly as we found it.

Commercial Plumbing Contractor

Commercial plumbing systems can be quite a bit more complex than residential plumbing systems. At Mr. Rooter of Kentfield we know all of the applicable codes that govern commercial plumbing systems and can assess your system to make sure it is compliant. When you have a commercial plumbing issue, Mr. Rooter of Kentfield has the training and experience to repair and maintain your system easily and accurately. As business owners ourselves we understand the impact that a break down in your plumbing system can have on operations. Our team will work to minimize the impact and quickly repair your system.

24/7 on-call Emergency Plumbing

Emergency plumbing issues can range from being obvious to subtle. At Mr. Rooter of Kentfield we believe that if your plumbing system is not working properly, it’s an emergency. Each part of your plumbing system relies on the next and leaving one section not working properly can translate into a problem in all of the other areas. Even if the issue seems relatively minor there’s no need to delay calling Mr. Rooter of Kentfield. Our highly-skilled plumbing team is proud to provide emergency plumbing support 24-hours per day, 7-days a week.


Clogs can slow down and interrupt your busy life, so call on Mr. Rooter right away. If it happens once, it can happen again—and potentially ruin your plans, property, and budget. Once you schedule an appointment, your clog is our problem. We can take care of it ASAP and work around your schedule. Even if your clogs happen at odd hours, we never charge overtime.


Sewer and septic backups can mean serious business. Damage resulting from a backup is not only messy, but poses a health risk to your family as well as the environment. At Mr. Rooter, our highly skilled plumbers are well-trained in handling all types of septic and sewer backup issues, from drainage problems and home damage to environmental cleanup. Avoid hazardous backup situations; contact Mr. Rooter at the first sign of sewer or septic troubles.


Inspect your home regularly for plumbing leaks. If you find or suspect a pipe leak, under a cabinet or sink, in the basement, behind the washing machine, or anywhere else on your property, contact Mr. Rooter. Pipe leaks can occur over time due to age, use (or disuse), root infiltration, ground settling and, of course, pipe freezing. Here's an energy efficient tip: Insulate your pipes to prevent heat loss (energy waste) and freezing pipes.