Septic Pumping Services in Muncie

Professional Maintenance & Repair for Your Septic Tank

Quality septic plumbing is an essential aspect of managing your Muncie plumbing system. If the proper septic maintenance isn't completed or just outright ignored, the results can be devesting. A healthy septic system will ensure your plumbing system continues to work flawlessly and things continue to flow efficiently. A mismanaged septic system will cause eventual water contamination and damage caused by a septic tank overflow.

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The team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Muncie is here to help you make sure your system continues flowing the way it should, successfully removing the wastewater from your home. Give us a call at any sign that your system may be full or having any type of trouble. We're available around the clock for any of your emergency plumbing needs – call now!

How Often Should My Septic Tank Be Serviced?

Your home's septic system should be pumped every three to five years but can be cleaned and pumped more regularly depending on the size of the tank and the number of people using it. Our Muncie plumbing company will inspect your system's current septic system and create a customized care plan designed to offer you the ultimate peace of mind and extend the lifespan of your system.

How Much Are Septic Tank Services?

It depends. While the national average ranges anywhere from $250 to $500, an exact price is impossible without understanding the tank's specifications and needs. It's important to always turn to a professional for service to ensure the septic pumping is completed correctly – and backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

By reaching out to our Muncie plumbers, you can gain a better understanding of our prices. Our team is always happy to hear about your situation and offer you a rough quote for services. We can also schedule a Muncie plumber to meet you at home to get a more accurate quote. Whatever you need, we're here to make sure you have confidence in your next plumbing service.

How Do I Know My Septic Tank is Full?

More often than not, your septic tank's limits are never considered. To know when to call our team of Muncie septic plumbers, be on the lookout for the following warning signs of a full septic tank and septic overflow:

  • Signs of pooling water around fixtures or throughout the yard
  • Sewage backup coming from drains and accompanying odor
  • An overly healthy lawn or random green patches throughout
  • Gurgling drains, pipes, and problems flushing

We're septic and plumbing professionals dedicated to ensuring your family continues to have access to a reliable, clean water source in your home. Whether it's a septic tank problem or you just need things pumped and taken away, give us a call!

Our locally owned and operated plumbers are ready to deliver simply unbeatable service. Our plumbers are exclusively trained by Mr. Rooter Plumbing, making sure they can adhere to the same national standards and ethics that have made Mr. Rooter the industry leader they are today.

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